Expand Tips from the Experts – Brad Gende

Hi, my name is Brad Gende and I'm an Expand Account Executive located in Chicago. We live in a world where people are constantly communicating with each other and the main driver of this communication is social media. In today's environment, it’s important to promote your business on social media, while continuing to communicate through [...]

Expand Tips from the Experts – Bill Hetzel

Hi, my name is Bill Hetzel and I am an Expand Account Executive for the upper Midwest region. At Expand, we’re known for being intelligent and innovative in everything we do and our products reflect that! Read my post to learn how the Expand GrandFabric is an extremely superior and high-quality product that outshines its [...]

Expand Tips from the Experts – Jack Petroski

Hi, my name is Jack Petroski and I am an Expand Account Executive based out of Florida. What's great about Expand products is that they are SO unique! We have more patented products than anyone else in the industry and a solution to most display needs. Read below for the features and benefits of our Expand PodiumCase. [...]

Global Citizen Festival 2016

This year's Global Citizen Festival took place on September 24th in New York City's Central Park. As a global company, Expand once again joined Global Citizen in their movement to fight inequality, protect our planet, and end extreme poverty. This movement combines the action and voices of millions of citizens, social activists,  non-profit organizations, and world [...]