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Joe Dunn, Expand Account Executive,  joe.dunn@expandmedia.com

Hi, my name is Joe Dunn and I’m an Account Executive at Expand.

Portable event displays can be very abstract for people who don’t use them on a day-to-day basis. Expand provides our resellers with easy-to-use tools that help customers get a good understanding of our displays before making a decision.

Read my post about using Expand’s effective marketing tools to help your customers visualize before they buy.

Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales: Help Customers Visualize Before They Buy

Have you ever had customers who were on the fence about making a purchasing decision because they were not 100% sure what they are getting? That’s why it’s very important for your customers to be able to visualize their display before they buy.

We offer many helpful tools that enable your customers to see exactly what their display will look like…

Expand’s unique DisplayBuilder tool provides 3-D renderings of our displays that you can fit your client’s logos to. This free rendering tool enables you to envision the layout for your customer’s pop-up display, trade show booth, or mobile marketing event so they can visualize what you’re offering. The customer can move around the display and see it from all angles right on their computer.

*Click here to learn more about the Display Builder

Marketing Materials:
Expand has in-depth brochures for all displays, that will help customers get a better understanding of dimensions, application, and advantages of each model.

You can also access ready-made kits of how for 10′ or 20′ booths. These kits provide some examples of how to use Expand products in different configurations for your event. A simple way to find a fast solution!

Expand_KIT_360 degrees

Look at the Expand Kits to help your customers visualize their display in a certain configuration.

Expand Image Bank:
We provide our resellers with real pictures of our displays from past projects. Customers can see how other companies have used our displays. All registered resellers can fill click on the Reseller Tools tab on the top of the Expand website and fill out the online form to receive access to our new Image Gallery on Box.com, where you will be able to access all of these images.


Click here to fill out the online form & access the Image Bank

Use these visualization tools to increase sales by going from sales inquiry to visualizing solutions within minutes!

Account Executives:
Additionally, remember that all Expand resellers have access to their local Account Executive. Our Expand Account executives are extremely knowledgeable about our products and can help with whatever you will need to get your client set up with a great looking, quality display. Contact them today!

Click here to find the Expand Account Executive in your area >>

All of these visual reseller solutions are available on the Expand website. Most of them are located under the “Quick Links” tab on the left side of the website.

If you would like a step-by-step run through of each of these quick links, please contact my colleague, Susan Volovski at susan.volovski@expandmedia.com and she will set up an online tutorial with you.

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Reseller Tip #4: FREE Reseller Tool to help close Expand GrandFabric sales

We hope you had a chance to read our most recent blog post about the Expand GrandFabric, a portable and modular display system made up of individual backwalls that can be combined into different configurations and altered whenever needed. We are happy to announce that several new sizes and accessories for this product are now available to view in the Expand DisplayBuilder.


Use the Expand DisplayBuilder tool to show your customers how they can invest in one product that they can consistently alter based on their specific event needs. Make a few different renderings of your customer’s booth layout with the same Expand GrandFabric units. You can easily change the setup each time by combining the backwall units into different configurations and adding different accessories.

Some of the new accessories that you can add to the 3-D rendering include:

  • Tables
  • Shelves
  • Monitor holder
  • Brochure holder
  • Spotlights
  • Feet

Learn more about the Expand GrandFabric

Remember, the Expand DisplayBuilder is a FREE tool available to everyone, including all Expand resellers. Just sign up with your email address and follow the simple step-by-step instructions!

1. Choose the size of the floor space.
2. Add items: The drop-down menu gives you a list of products you can add to the display. Click on Expand GrandFabric for a list of all available wall sizes and accessories.
3. Add graphics: Add your customer’s images/logo. You can also add your own logo to the top of the rendering by clicking on the “admin” tab.



4. Publish the rendering and email it to your customer, along with a list of part numbers used in the rendering to give them the confidence to make an INSTANT purchasing decision.


Read More about the Expand DisplayBuilder >>

Click here to Access the Expand DisplayBuilder Now >> 


3-D Rendering Sales Tool: Help Your Customers Go from Sales Inquiry to Purchasing Decision in Minutes!

Are your customers on the fence about making a final purchasing decision because they’re unsure what they are getting? The Expand DisplayBuilder is a free, 3-dimensional brandable rendering tool that enables you to envision the layout for your customer’s pop-up store, trade show booth, or mobile marketing event and send it to them, so they can visualize what you are offering. Speed up the sales process by going from sales inquiry to visualizing solutions within minutes!



This helpful sales tool also allows you to:

• Brand the pdf and 3-D link with your logo.
• Skin the products with customer relevant images, such as the customer’s logo and products.
• Save a step by giving your Sales Team a tool they use on their own – No need to go the Graphics Department.
• Email the 3-D renderings to customers to help them make an instant purchasing decision!


The Display Builder rendering tool is very easy to use:

  1. Choose the floor space
  2.  Add the products to include.
  3. Upload the images and/or logos that the customer would like to include.
  4. Email the layout to your customer and include a quotation.

Watch a video on how to use Expand DisplayBuilder to Increase Sales:

DisplayBuilder Webinar from Expand International on Vimeo.

***Update: DisplayBuilder  now only runs on Internet Explorer (PC) or Safari (Mac). For Internet Explorer, please ensure that you can run ActiveX controls and have the latest version of Java installed. 

Click here to start using the DisplayBuilder Tool!


Watch a Tutorial to Get Started!