Expand Tips from the Experts – Bill Hetzel

Hi, my name is Bill Hetzel and I am an Expand Account Executive for the upper Midwest region. At Expand, we’re known for being intelligent and innovative in everything we do and our products reflect that! Read my post to learn how the Expand GrandFabric is an extremely superior and high-quality product that outshines its [...]

Expand Tips from the Experts: Get Your Booth to Stand Out Against the Competition

Hi, my name is Susan and I am part of the Marketing Department at Expand. There are 2 areas to focus on when planning a trade show: How to get people to your booth and how to evaluate trade show participation after the event. Today I'd like to talk about getting people to your booth. [...]

Expand Tips from the Experts – Jack Petroski

Hi, my name is Jack Petroski and I am an Expand Account Executive based out of Florida. What's great about Expand products is that they are SO unique! We have more patented products than anyone else in the industry and a solution to most display needs. Read below for the features and benefits of our Expand PodiumCase. [...]

Global Citizen Festival 2016

This year's Global Citizen Festival took place on September 24th in New York City's Central Park. As a global company, Expand once again joined Global Citizen in their movement to fight inequality, protect our planet, and end extreme poverty. This movement combines the action and voices of millions of citizens, social activists,  non-profit organizations, and world [...]

Expand Tips from the Experts – Naveen Koneru

Hi, I’m Naveen Koneru and I’m an Expand Account Executive located in Berkeley, California. An important part of business is being able to identify with your customers. Once you understand how to relate to a customer's needs, it's easier to understand how to sell to them. Read my post about how to identify with the 3 types [...]

Expand Tips from the Experts – John Kuhlman

Hi, I’m John Kuhlman and I’m Expand’s Account Executive for the Rocky Mountain Region. I can’t stress enough the importance of selling quality over price. My post explains why it's so important to sell your clients high-quality products. If you have any questions, please email me: john.kuhlman@expandmedia.com Don't Let Your Customer Down: Provide High-Quality Products [...]

Expand Tips from the Experts – Jadyn Beyer

Hi, I’m Jadyn Beyer! I’m an Account Executive with Expand in Southern California. In keeping in line with brand values, more companies are looking for reusable, rebrandable products as marketing tools. My post below goes into detail about how Expand can fit the bill! If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out [...]

Expand Team on the Road Again!

The Expand team recently exhibited the new Expand GrandFabric System at the Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association (HCEA) in Savannah, GA. We were pleased to be part of the event this year. Thanks to all of our new and existing partners who visited us at Booth #411 to look at our products, or just came by to [...]

Expand Tips from the Experts – Luke del Campo

  Hi, I'm Luke del Campo, and I'm an Account Executive at Expand International. Read my post about building strong partnerships with your customers. I hope you find this information helpful and informative. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at luke.delcampo@expandmedia.com. Building a Strong Partnership with Your Customers  [...]

Expand Tips from the Experts – Don Johnson

  Hello! I’m Don Johnson and I’m the Southeast Account Executive at Expand International. Read below for my post about my favorite Expand Product - The Expand LinkWall - and why I think it's such a great sales tool! If you have questions, feel free to contact me at don.johnson@expandmedia.com. My Favorite Product: The Expand [...]

Reseller Tip #5: Embedding Expand Brochures into your Website Using Issuu

We hope that you had a chance to read our other Expand Reseller Tips. Read below for our next helpful tip about embedding Expand videos: Tip #5: How to Embed Expand Videos Do you need an easy way to show your customers the Expand products without directing them to us? We have a quick and [...]

Reseller Tip #4: FREE Reseller Tool to help close Expand GrandFabric sales

We hope you had a chance to read our most recent blog post about the Expand GrandFabric, a portable and modular display system made up of individual backwalls that can be combined into different configurations and altered whenever needed. We are happy to announce that several new sizes and accessories for this product are now available to [...]

One Solution for all your Event Needs!

The Expand GrandFabric is a portable and modular display system that consists of several free-standing backwall units available in straight and curved shapes and different sizes. Alter the Shape & Size for Each Event  With the Expand GrandFabric system, easily create the display setup that best fits your needs for each event. The individual backwalls (both straight [...]

Reseller Tools – Tip #3: Get Inspired Kits for Portable Event Displays

We hope that you are enjoying our reseller tips and had a chance to read our previous tips about using the Expand Web Store and the new Expand Image Bank. Read below for our next reseller tip. Tip #3: Get Inspired Kits for Portable Event Displays On the top of the Expand website is a [...]

Reseller Tools – Tip #2: Accessing the New Expand Image Bank

We have a lot of great Expand reseller tools available to make selling to your customers easier. We hope that you had a chance to read our 1st tip, about using the Expand Web Store. Read below for our next reseller tip.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at us@expandmedia.com. Tip #2: [...]

Reseller Tools – Tip #1: Using the Expand Store

At Expand, we have a lot of great tools available to our registered resellers. We will be posting a series of helpful tips for using Expand Reseller Tools to making selling to your end users easier. If you have questions, please contact us or visit the reseller tools section on our website. Tip #1: Using the [...]

Creating Graphics for Event Displays – Tip #4: Fixing Resolution Issues

Creating Graphics for Event Displays – Tip #4: Fixing Resolution Issues

We hope that you had a chance to read  Tip #1 and Tip #2 and Tip #3  about submitting graphics for event displays. Read below for Tip #4 about how to detect issues with image resolution and submit your artwork in way that will obtain the best results. Tip #4: Fixing Resolution Issues At Expand, we like to help you get [...]

Creating Graphics for Event Displays – Tip #3: Matching Pantones

Creating Graphics for Event Displays – Tip #3: Matching Pantones

We hope that you had a chance to read our 1st tip and 2nd tip about creating graphics for event displays. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at us@expandmedia.com. Read below for Tip #3. Tip #3: Matching Pantones At Expand, we use a Pantone Color Matching system to reproduce PMS colors [...]

Creating Graphics for Event Displays – Tip #2: Save Money by Shipping from Different Production Locations

Creating Graphics for Event Displays – Tip #2: Save Money by Shipping from Different Production Locations

We hope that you had a chance to read our 1st tip, about proper viewing distance for graphics. Read below for our next production tip.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at us@expandmedia.com Tip #2: Save Money by Shipping from Different Production Locations Do you have customers in different locations or countries? [...]

Creating Graphics for Event Displays – Tip #1: Viewing Distance

Creating Graphics for Event Displays – Tip #1: Viewing Distance

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to graphics for event displays. We will be sharing a series of posts with helpful tips on this topic. We hope that you enjoy the posts and find them helpful and informative. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [...]

Create Brand Awareness with Event Flooring

Planning a trade show or event includes incorporating many different parts. With a large display to set up and so many different components to remember, there is one area that is very easy to forget – the floor! While flooring is an area that can easily be overlooked, it’s important to remember that full-color event [...]

One Wall– Endless Variations!

One Wall– Endless Variations!

The highly flexible Expand LinkWall is incredibly unique! It is made up of individual units that can be combined together to form an endless number of shapes and configurations. The individual LinkWall units are connected by a patented magnetic solution. Flexible linking panels fit in between the units and have a rubber profile that enables [...]

3-D Rendering Sales Tool: Help Your Customers Go from Sales Inquiry to Purchasing Decision in Minutes!

Are your customers on the fence about making a final purchasing decision because they're unsure what they are getting? The Expand DisplayBuilder is a free, 3-dimensional brandable rendering tool that enables you to envision the layout for your customer's pop-up store, trade show booth, or mobile marketing event and send it to them, so they can visualize what you are [...]

Expand PodiumCase Climbs Mount Everest

Expand PodiumCase Climbs Mount Everest

Another way to use one our most popular products! Our Expand PodiumCase, a compact transportation box, was used in part of an epic adventure. Robin Trygg, the youngest Swede to ever climb Mount Everest at the age of 24, used the Expand PodiumCase for the first part of his climb. He used the Expand PodiumCase [...]

Global Citizen Meets to #LevelTheLaw

Expand is pleased to have taken part in another event held by Global Citizen (an organization dedicated to fighting inequality). On March 16th, Global Citizens gathered together to #LevelTheLaw. The event was held at the New York Public Library and brought together important UN and political stakeholders for a dynamic panel discussion on gender equality [...]

NEW Video: Expand PodiumCase

We are pleased to share our brand new video that we produced for one of our most popular products: The Expand PodiumCase. The Expand PodiumCase and Expand PodiumCase XL are spacious presentation countertops, that easily convert into compact transportation boxes with wheels. You will be amazed at how easy it is to set up and dismantle! [...]

Imagine Xhibits at the TS Tech Summit

One of our resellers, Imagine Xhibits, recently exhibited at the TS Tech Summit in Irving, TX, a technology trade show focused on providing small business event marketers with the best tools for managing events and engaging show attendees. Imagine Xhibits is a full-service trade show marketing company located in Plano, TX that offers custom design [...]

100K Opportunities Initiative Event

  The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative is a coalition of leading U.S. companies dedicated to training and hiring 100,000 youths (ages 16-24) by 2018. The initiative is being led by the Schultz Family Foundation with the goal of creating pathways for American youth and providing them with the opportunity to develop skills and gain credentials through [...]

Helping make the world a better place

Global Citizen (an organization dedicated to fighting inequality, protecting our planet, and putting an end to extreme poverty by 2030) held the Global Citizen Festival in New York City’s Central Park. Since 2012, the Festival has been the largest, most visible moment of a year-round movement of global citizens committed to ending extreme poverty by 2030. This movement combines [...]

Accept no substitutions!

  Originality. It is an inherently American trait.  We see it every day in the clothes people wear, in the cars they drive, in the food they eat. Our likes and tastes add to our personalities. They, in turn, become an extension our very essence. In the experiential marketing world, brands want to feel the same way. [...]

Make a GRAND statement…no matter your environment!

These summer months are sizzling, and I don't just mean the temperature! Music festivals, sporting events, and beach time activities are in full swing. Brands are itching to find that impressive platform to wrangle wondering eyes to their promotion.  Is there a large, outdoor backwall that can maximize my next activation? Well that search is [...]

Great Job, You Made IT!

  We are extremely proud to be the sponsor for Event Marketer's 2015 IT List, which honors the top 100 Event Agencies.  There was some pretty fierce competition this year, so congratulations to all the top 100 agencies that made it! Curious as to who was chosen? Check out the complete list of winners. While you're at it, go [...]

EMS2015 was San Fran-tastic!

Event displays and experiential marketing are one of history's a greatest pairs. Like PB&J, David Spade and Chris Farley, or Spuds MacKenzie and partying! We would like to say thanks to everyone who came by our Expand booth at the Experiential Marketing Summit in San Francisco this year. It's always a thrill when we can [...]

Expand will be at EMS2015

Expand is excited to be attending the the Experiential Marketing Summit 2015 in San Francisco. We couldn't be more thrilled to give people a hands on look at many of our fantastic, new innovations that we made in the portable event display field this year.  EMS is a yearly convention where the leaders and trendsters [...]

Be Seen, No Matter Your Budget

Expand has always been associated with high-end, rebrandable event displays. We have a reputation of being the pioneer of retractable display technology. The quality and craftsmanship of our products is unparalleled in our field of expertise. When you buy an Expand event display solution you're not just buying a great display...you are buying artistry, superiority, [...]

Show & Tell

When we were kids we couldn't wait to go to school and have show and tell in school. We'd showcase our dolls, our action figures, or if you were rich you'd cruise your Power Wheels around the classroom! Showing off is something that we never lose. We go out on weekends in our best clothes, [...]

Expand at EXHIBITORLIVE! 2015

EXHIBITORLIVE is next week in Las Vegas, and (as industry insiders) we know that this five day conference is where you will find the latest products and resources for shaping the future of exhibiting and corporate event programs. No matter what you are looking for, you'll be sure to find something to maximize your business... and [...]

The Great Outdoors and Great Opportunities

  It's easy to forget that winter isn't forever, especially when all you see is snow. Well. it's almost over! Soon, it will be time to make a outdoor branding push. It's important to remember that although the weather is getting warmer, it does not mean it's getting nicer. Mother Nature has always had a [...]

Make a Grand Statement with Expand GrandFabric

Innovation and elegance have always been at the forefront of Expand's mentality. Some messages are subtle. Some need to be shouted from the highest point possible, and some messages need to be showcased in a new, unique way. No matter the impact you want to make with your message, Expand has you covered, now more [...]

Tough Choices: How to Choose the Right Display

    Soup or salad. Salt or pepper. Pizza or more pizza? These are decisions we face everyday, and these decisions never get easier. The event display world is no different. Finding the perfect display solution to complement your specific campaign is critical! There are a number of variables that need to be thought through before [...]

Expand MediaFabric Gets a Makeover

The Expand MediaFabric has been a favorite for our clients for years, and now it’s getting a face lift! The New Expand MediaFabric is the same size as the Expand MediaWall. This means that you get a slightly larger Expand MediaFabric for the same price as the original. Also, we will be introducing a wider 5x3 [...]

Expanding Our Horizons!

We have been going through some fantastic changes here at Expand, and we couldn't be happier to share them with you! We have a brand new blog that is sleeker, cleaner, and more in line with the Expand brand. Our blog includes: more stream-lined organization a more responsive web design to help clients learn more [...]