About Expand

We are a pioneer in manufacturing and marketing portable media displays.

Our Business Concept
“We enable businesses and organizations to market their products and services in their target groups’ own locations and environments.”

Our Core Strength
Expand designs and manufactures every product in-house at our ISO 9001 certified production facility. We have a reputation for innovation, design, quality and for being trustworthy. We invented the open frame pop-up and the retractable display among many other unique ideas. Our success throughout the years is a result of focusing on our core values – “being intelligent & innovative in everything we do” – from market research, product development and design to delivery and service.

Our Global Service
With Expand offices in six countries serving thousands of dealers in 65 countries, we are providing hundreds of thousands of corporate users with high quality media displays. Internationally, we have made and sold over one million displays used by companies, non-profit organizations and government entities around the world.

Providing an Effective Marketing Tool
Expand is dedicated to providing the best in solutions for marketing, brand-building, information and presentations. The Expand marketing displays enable businesses to reach their target audience in its actual environments and locations. Our displays are portable and user-friendly and you can take them to most places where your message deserves attention. Expand offers a versatile range of media solutions that puts businesses in control of their marketing, brand image and sales environment. By providing an opportunity to pinpoint the target audience the Expand media has become a crucial part of the media mix for businesses worldwide.

Our Offices
The Expand corporate office is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and has sales and marketing offices in United States, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden and Germany.
Click here for contact details.

Our Reseller Network
Our products are available worldwide from selected Expand Resellers, who provide customers with high-quality marketing displays and associated graphic services. The Expand Reseller network consists of over 5000 dealers in 65 countries around the world.

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