Expand Tips from the Experts – Tips for Helping your Clients in 2018

Happy Holidays! We’re Naveen and Paul from Expand. The end of the year always gets us thinking about what worked throughout the past year for our clients!

We teamed up to discuss the best things we did for our resellers in 2017 – and tips for how you can help your clients do the same things in the upcoming year!

Read below for our three tips to help your clients in 2018… 

1. Product Specials
One of the best ways to help your customers is to offer them great product or service specials. At Expand, we offer quarterly specials and this year my favorites were the Expand MediaFabric – one of the most durable pop-up displays with a dye-sub graphic, and the Expand M2 Silver a pull-up banner with a removable cartridge. The same quality products at a great new price, and the response was overwhelming!


These specials opened the door to work with customers that I’ve never worked with in the past. Keep an eye out for the Quarterly Specials documents that we send you, which you can promote and share with your customers!

2.Great Customer Service
Another way to help your clients is by focusing on providing your customers with great service. This year, we rolled out a program called ACE (Awesome Customer Experience) and these are some of the things we focused on:

    • Regular training for account managers
    • Continued review and internal process improvements
    • Clear and concise communication both with external and internal customers
    • Quick response time – Read our tips for quick response times here.


3. Product Support
When offering new products, make sure you offer product support. Customers have all different backgrounds and experiences with displays and will always have questions and concerns. When we launched our Expand GrandFabric System – the most innovative pillowcase graphic system, here’s what we provided our customers with:

    • Quotes, renderings, and templates within a few hours of their request
    • Availability to demo units for showing and even lending their clients
    • Access to our in-house designer to consults on design, functionality, and stability of their booth and/or display.


Now we’d like to talk about the biggest business change for Expand in 2017:
The Expand GrandFabric has been our biggest game changer. While the industry is trending towards fabric, many have struggled with a portable fabric display that is wrinkle free (unlike the standard hop-ups) and easy to set up (unlike the SEG solutions).

With this innovation, we’ve created a powerful high-grade solution that is the best of both: the portability of a pop-up & the high-end finishing of an SEG solution! 


So, what does this mean for resellers?

If you’ve been using Expand for banner stands thus far, it is worthwhile exploring the Expand GrandFabric solution for your clients. Most, if not all clients simply love the plush finishing, the ease of set up and the portability. Please bear in mind that we have designed different sized booths from 8’x10′ to 30’x30′ with the modular capabilities of this solution with some really cool designs.


So next time you’re pitching displays to your client, don’t forget that the latest trend is fabric and that the best solution out there is the Expand GrandFabric!

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