Expand Tips from the Experts – Offering a Modular Look at a Portable Price

Hi, we’re Jeff and Bill from Expand! Many of our clients want a high-quality solution, but don’t have a huge budget. Well, what if we told you we can offer you a modular look for a portable price?

Read our tips below to find out how… 

How to offer a Modular Look at a Portable Price
When considering a modular look, always keep in mind price, ease-of-setup and shipping when comparing to an SEG display. The rectangular shape of the Expand GrandFabric frames gives you the crisp, clean edges and wrinkle-free look of SEG at a portable price!


The 10’x8’ Expand GrandFabric tension fabric system can stand alone and accommodate a monitor with a weight of up to 44 lb. The labor is minimal, it requires no tools to set up, and it even fits into the Expand PodiumCase for easy shipping and transport!

Because of their shape, the straight frames are also cost-effective, in that you can print a double-sided graphic and use the same frame in multiple configurations. Here we’ve taken the same frame, flipped it around and added a return wall with shelves and a table:


Additional accessories, such as brochure holders or even a roof can be added at any time!

Creative, adaptable, changeable, and extremely functional—the Expand GrandFabric can do it all at a fraction of SEG Modular price! (And drayage/labor costs are eliminated.) Here’s just one idea of something that will fit into a larger space, yet is still cost-effective and easy to set up:


We hope that you enjoyed this post! Please feel free to contact us for a quote on our modular, portable modular solution at jeff.pfalz@expandmedia.com or bill.hetzel@expandmedia.com.

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