Expand Tips from the Experts – Avoiding Pitfalls with the Production of your Booth

Hi, we’re John and John! We’ve both been in the trade show industry for a long time and have experienced just about everything that can go wrong with booth production.

That’s why we teamed up to write this post about how to avoid pitfalls with the production of your booth and have it arrive on time…

Tips for Avoiding Pitfalls with the Production of your Booth

1. Time Management
The most important tip is time management. About 90% of all pitfalls we see are a result of not allowing enough time for event elements.  Sure, you can do a few retractable units a week in advance, but that 10’ x 20’ is going to take a little bit longer!

Also, remember that production time is different than shipping time. Be sure to plan enough time for production AND the delivery of your display. If production requires 5 days, it may take an additional 3 days to ship. Don’t get stuck with overnight shipping costs; they can be expensive and destroy your budget!


2. Know your Exhibit Space
Make sure you know the size of your exhibit space. The exhibit venue will have specific rules; provide those rules to your production company. We have seen too many companies design a booth that won’t fit into their assigned space and add features such as lights and monitors for which there are no outlets available! This can cause major headaches when it comes time to set up. Your booth staff may need to eliminate certain items and rearrange the graphics.

At Expand, we have a solution: The Expand DisplayBuilder. Ask your sales rep for a 3-D rendering of how your display will fit into your assigned space. This is your “road map”. It will help you position your items on the floor and help you communicate with the event venue for needed outlets, furnishings, etc.


3. Provide the Correct Artwork
Ask your production company for the appropriate graphic templates before submitting your artwork for print! Similarly, make sure that you know the what type of artwork specifics your printer needs to do the job. Not only do templates simplify the layout process, but they also speed the pre-flight and proofing process up dramatically. At Expand, we have templates readily available for all of our products right on our website along with artwork guidelines specifying what we like to see in a submitted art file.

Click here for Expand’s artwork templates:


4. Do a Dry Run
Allow yourselves extra time to set up your booth prior to shipping it to your event. This might require an extra week, but this step is highly recommended so that your staff can become familiar with the hardware and graphics ordered. They can take their time setting each piece up and taking them down without the stress of watching the clock on the day the show begins.

Do a dry run to make sure your booth staff knows how to set up the display BEFORE they get to the event.

5. Don’t go cheap!
We get this one a lot. A trade show or other event is a considerable investment. Booth space, hotels, travel, etc., equal big bucks. That and your branding is front and center. We’re always mind-boggled when the most visible portion of all of those expenses becomes the one item where costs must be minimized.

If your displays look cheap, your company looks cheap!!!

And if your display is broken on the show floor, well… Don’t make this mistake!

We hope that you enjoyed this post! Please feel free to contact Expand to see how we can help you get your booth out on time. You can also contact one of us directly at john.kuhlman@expandmedia.com or john.blackburn@expandmedia.com.

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