5 Tips for Incorporating Technology into your Booth

Integrating technology is one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance your booth setup. Technology can be used to engage booth visitors and help you stand out against the competition at an event.

Read our 5 tips for incorporating technology into your booth…

1. Create a Technology “Wow” Factor
People at trade shows are very busy and may easily pass over your booth. You want to create a booth that stands out at the event. Technology can be used to grab the attention of passer-by’s and make them want to stop and visit your booth.

For example, using digital displays or moving images on video monitors is a great way to showcase your products and get people to stop and watch. This is also a great way to consistently update your message without having to keep printing new graphics. Click here to view the Expand MonitorStand XL.


Lighting is another way to get your booth to booth stand out. A well-lit display is likely to grab attention in a dark venue. LED lighting can be strategically used to highlight products, make a statement, or set the mood for the booth. Click here to view Expand’s backlit displays.


2. Create an Interactive Booth Experience
Most people who exhibit at an event have a traditional booth setup. You can stand out and draw more people to your booth by creating a fun, interactive “event experience.” An interactive experience makes your brand more memorable and allows you to interact directly with your consumers. Some examples of how to create this kind of experience include virtual reality goggles, food or beverage tastings, and touch screen displays.


Incorporating touch screen monitors, tablets, or iPads allows you to be much more interactive with show attendees. You can upload all your literature, case studies, etc. and have everything right at your fingertips when talking to potential prospects.

3. Provide a Charging Station
These days, everyone carries their cellphone with them and many people at trade shows also bring a laptop, kindle, etc. Surprisingly, many trade shows don’t have charging stations widely available. A charging station will bring people to your booth because it offers a convenient location to charge their devices, without having to worry about them getting stolen. And w
hile they are waiting for their phone or tablet to charge, it’s a great time to strike up a conversation about the products or services you can offer them!



4. Provide Digital Product Information
People receive a lot of brochures, catalogs and one-page handouts when attending a trade show or event. These often end up in a pile and eventually get thrown away. Why spend money on having your company catalogs shipped or drive yourself crazy making room for them in your luggage, if people aren’t even going to keep them?  Instead, provide a QR code that visitors can scan to access your website or have a thumb drive with all of your company catalogs and brochures on it as a booth giveaway.  (The iOS 11 that Apple just released has a QR scanner built right into the camera app!)

Give booth visitors a QR code that they can scan with their phones to get to your website.

5. Be social
A social media post mentioning your booth number or location makes attendees more likely to take time to visit your booth. If you’re exhibiting at a big show or an event that only lasts a few hours, not everyone will have time to see every booth, so you want to make sure that they see coming by your booth as a priority!

Tag the event location and/or company that is hosting the event and use hashtags (including the show hashtag if there is one) to reach a larger audience and draw more visitors. Below is a Tweet that Expand posted during a trade show we exhibited at in May:


After the event…

  • A few days after the show, send an email or mobile push notification thanking people for coming by your booth. Direct them to more information.
  • Send them a brochure. Although most attendees receive too many print materials at the event, they’re more likely to have time to look at them after the event.
  • Follow up with your leads via email or phone and ask them if they would like additional materials.

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