Expand at the Experiential Marketing Training Camp: Part 2 – New York


We hope you had a chance to read our most recent post about Expand’s experience at the first two locations of the five-city Experiential Marketing Training Camp. We were a proud sponsor at all five U.S. locations.

Read below to see what we learned at the New York location:

Our Experience at the EM Training Camp: Part 2 – New York


The third segment of the Experiential Marketing Training Camp took place at Cadillac House in New York City. The educational training workshop focused on Experiential Marketing with an emphasis on Relationship Building.

We came away with the 2 key take-away’s from the event: 

1.Face-to-Face Interaction separates you from the competition.

Experiential Marketing is a crucial part of Relationship Building and standing out against the competition.  Creating an experience makes your brand more memorable and allows you interact directly with your consumers. This face-to-face interaction is what makes you stand out from the competition.

“Most brands are offering competitive prices, performance and service. However, it’s the relationship that consumers have both with the brand and with the people they buy from that separates themselves from the competition,” said Luke del Campo, our Expand Account Executive for New York and Greater New England, who represented Expand at the event.

Face-to-face interactions build relationships, which separates you from the competition.

“Relationship marketing leaves a significant impact on our brains by providing a positive experience,” said Luke. “As a result, the consumer becomes more emotionally invested in a brand, which consequently makes the brand feel more compelled to satisfy the consumer. Both sides are invested emotionally, which makes for a stronger relationship.”

2.Experiential Marketing creates a connection that cannot be achieved through print or digital marketing

Data from the seminars shows that direct mail and email are no longer as effective as they used to be, as 44% of print mail is thrown away and email marketing only has an average 3% open rate.

“Nowadays, everything is relationship selling”, said Alan Conley, our Expand Account Executive for the New England area, who also represented Expand at the event. “Emails are not as effective at engaging consumers and don’t give you the opportunity to interact with them personally. People want something that is more interactive and unique.”


The event was well attended by over 80 attendees and it was very educational to all who attended.  “It was a fantastic experience”, said Alan. “I learned a lot at the seminars about how to sell to consumers by being more interactive”.

“The event hit close to home with our industry”, said Luke. “I think the most important take-away from the event was how important it is to create a strong relationship with your consumers. Human contact and connection cannot be DVR’d”.

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