Expand at the Experiential Marketing Training Camp: Part 1 – California


The Expand team was pleased to exhibit at Event Marketer’s 2017 Experiential Marketing Training Camp over the past two weeks. We were a proud sponsor of the event, with seven members of the Expand team who attended the five U.S. locations and we’d like to share what we learned.

Read below for our take-away’s from the event:

Our Experience at the Experiential Marketing Training Camp: Part 1 – California 

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The first 2 segments of the Experiential Marketing Training Camp took place in northern and southern California. We’d like to thank everyone who came to the Grove in Los Angeles and to Oracle in San Francisco to visit the Expand team and learn top trends in experiential marketing!

It was a very successful training conference and networking event. We learned a lot during the training sessions and came away with the following key take-away’s:

1. It’s worth it for your brand or agency to attend smaller events

Attending a smaller event can be beneficial for your brand or agency because it gives you more time to network with your clients and get the word out about your brand. The Los Angeles and San Francisco events had about 40 attendees each. Although they were smaller events, they were very enlightening about the experiential marketing industry.  “It was great for networking with the right people”, said Naveen Koneru, our Expand Account Executive for Northern California who represented Expand at the San Francisco location. “I was able to mingle with a niche audience of people in the event marketing industry.”


2. Experiential Marketing is a great way to appeal to the younger generation.

“The event was very educational”, said Jadyn Beyer, our Expand Account Executive for Southern California, who represented Expand at the Los Angeles location.  “We learned that young consumers are not into brands anymore. Instead, they are much more interested in receiving a great experience.”

“For example, giveaways don’t get people to interact as much. However, I once attended an event where there was a Coffee Bar, which was much more interactive and allowed the attendees to enjoy an experience, as opposed to just receiving free merchandise from a booth and then walking away.”

We also learned that it’s important to integrate social media. Young consumers like to share everything nowadays. Social media is their outlet, and becomes the way that they share their experiences.


3. A great way to stand out at an event is to create an experience

We also learned how to market to your target audience. Most people who exhibit at an event have a traditional booth setup. If you want to stand out, you need to create an “event experience.” For example, if you create a “Happy Hour” at your booth and serve food or beverage samples, your consumers will be more likely to remember you and come back.

Everything is an event. Everything done well is an experience. To do this you need to create “event environments” – not just displays. This was very interesting to us and gives us great ideas for upcoming events.

“It was very eye-opening”, said Naveen. “In a word, Awesome!”

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