Food Sampling Top for Summer Tastings

June is here – It’s time for picnics, barbecues, and summer fun! The innovative Expand PodiumCase provides a great setup for outdoor venues and comes with an optional Food Sampling Top that was specifically designed to provide a clean, sanitary surface for food and beverage samplings – Perfect for any summer event where food or drink is served! 


The hygienic Food Sampling Top was developed with Protec+™ technology, which creates a sanitary surface upon which microbes do not survive. It contains the active ingredient Silver, which damages bacteria and prevents the growth of mold and fungi. 

The Protec+™ technology creates a hygienic surface, provides secondary support to existing cleaning regimes and fights against contamination. Great for anyone who needs a clean surface to serve food and beverage samples!

EPC-BioCote-Protected-665px (1)

This makes it the ideal solution for: 

  • Indoor or Outdoor Food Samplings
  • Beer and Wine Tastings
  • Picnics or Barbecues
  • Restaurants or Food Vendors
  • Micro-breweries
  • Any event serving food or drinks!


The Expand PodiumCase is an all-in-one solution that allows for easy transportation and storage. The innovative clamshell design makes it easy to unpack and convert into an attractive kiosk or portable bar for people to gather. Just open the case, click on the hygienic top and add your graphic wrap!


The Expand PodiumCase also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Do you already have an Expand PodiumCase? Upgrade to the Protec+™ protected top to serve food and beverage in a safer and more hygienic way, eliminating contactamination that is found on untreated surfaces!


We hope that you enjoy our creative food serving solution. At Expand, our core value is “being intelligent and innovative in everything we do”.

Click here to learn more about the Food Sampling Top >>

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