Let Expand Meet Your Environmental Demands

Expand designs and manufactures a full suite of environmentally friendly event displays. In honor of Earth Day this week, we'd like to share some information about how Expand can meet your environmental demands. Reduce and Reuse -Without Breaking your Budget Sometimes your budget dictates what you can buy. Fortunately, the concept of reusing Expand product is [...]

Expand Tips from the Experts – Joe Dunn

Hi, my name is Joe Dunn and I'm an Account Executive at Expand. Portable event displays can be very abstract for people who don't use them on a day-to-day basis. Expand provides our resellers with easy-to-use tools that help customers get a good understanding of our displays before making a decision. Read my post about using Expand's effective [...]

The ABC’s of Trade Shows & Events – 50+ Terminologies

Melissa Michel is a Trade Show and Event Specialist and Social Media Strategist, whose goal is to inspire others in the event industry. Her blog posts focus on best practices for trade shows and feature helpful tips and advice for exhibitors. Read the Blog Post by Melissa Michel about the ABC's of Trade Shows and Events... [...]