Customer Success Story: 20 Expand Fabric Lightboxes used for Paris Exhibition

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Expand’s backlit fabric displays create an illuminated visual that stands out and guides the viewer’s focus back to the message. We are pleased to share our latest customer success story involving our backlit displays.

Dominique Perrault Architecture (DPA), a famous French architecture firm, used 20 Expand fabric light boxes for a big exhibition in Paris. We met up with Henrik Hagelin, General Manager at Expand’s France location, to get more details…

Q: How did this job get started? 
A: DPA is a very well-known architecture firm in France. They do a lot of projects worldwide and contacted us two years ago about another project they were doing for the South of France. That project ended up getting delayed, but 2 years later, they came to us asking for backlit fabric lightboxes for an exhibition in Paris.


Q: Can you tell us a little about the goal of the exhibition? 
A: The exhibition is located at the La Conciergerie and illustrates the future layout of the island “Ile de la Cité”, located in the heart of Paris. The city of Paris is in the middle of an ongoing 20-year long project to get people to stay on the island, which used to not be visited very often at all, except for a few tourists who go to see the Notre-Dame church. The city is adding more restaurants and cafés to encourage more people to stay on the island and the images displayed on the illuminated graphics show what the finished layout of the island will look like.

Each image showed some examples of what the future of the island would look like.

Q: How long will the display be up for? 
A:The backlit display will be up for the entire length of the exhibition. The dates of the exhibition are February 14, 2017 through February April 17, 2017 and it is currently open to the public. The event just opened last week and so far it has been well attended, and François Holland, the President of France, even attended the exhibition.
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French President Holland in front of a light box at the grand opening on Feb.14th.

Q: What are the advantages to using backlit displays at these types of events?
There are several advantages to using lighting in your display setup. A well-illuminated stand creates a pleasant atmosphere, feels more welcoming and attracts more visitors. DPA wanted an attractive illumined solution for the exhibition. They wanted to use lights to create something very attractive. Therefore, they chose the Expand backlit fabric light boxes for a completely customized display that consisted of 16 regular, single-sided backlit stands and 4 that are used as projection screens, for a very unique illuminated setup to draw people in.


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Q: What would you recommend to someone who is looking to purchase a backlit display?
A: I would recommend a backlit fabric display to anyone who wants something that will stand out. It is a high-quality, affordable solution that is much more visible in a busy environment!

Read more about the Paris Exhibition on the Expand website >>

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I hope that you found this informative:
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