New Expand GrandFabric Features in DisplayBuilder

EGF-GIF-in-Display-BuilderWe hope you had a chance to read our previous blog posts about using the Expand DisplayBuilder to help close Expand GrandFabric sales.

We recently added even MORE features that you can add to your 3-D Expand GrandFabric rendering in DisplayBuilder, including different frame sizes, shelves, and roofs!

Read below to learn more about these new features…

We are pleased to tell you about the new parts for the Expand GrandFabric that we now have available in DisplayBuilder:

  1. New Crowd Control Frame:
    We offer a new frame size for the Expand GrandFabric. The new crowd control frame for the Expand GrandFabric is a shorter frame (91 3/8 inches x 36 5/8 inches), that people can see over. This allows you to create a half wall in your booth setup. Use this feature in DisplayBuilder to show your customer how they can create a partition in their booth or combine it with different backwall units to show how they can have a variety of different wall sizes in their booth for a more interesting display setup.cropped-crowd-control-frame


2. New Expand GrandFabric Shelves:
We also have new shelving units available for the Expand GrandFabric. We have one version with legs and another shelf without legs which only fits onto a frame that is 147 cm (57 7/8″) wide. You can see in the options for the stacking shelves that the height can be changed now in display builder.cropped_shelves

3. New Expand GrandFabric Roofs:
Our most exciting new features are the new Expand GrandFabric roofs! A roof allows you to create lounge area or a meeting room for your customers in your booth area.


You can go to the select arrow and pick the clamps for the roof at different heights, either 240 cm or 318 cm (94 1/2 or 125 1/4 inches). cropped-egf-select-roofsWhen you pick your desired clamps, you can go to the option and change the width of whatever clamps you are using. There are 3 different clamp options that you can choose from. Two of them are curved, as you can use curved frames as roofs as well.


You can choose whichever roof you would like. The roofs very in size and curvature. Each roof has an option to change the height level.


Other Expand GrandFabric accessories that you can add to the 3-D rendering include:

  • Tables
  • Shelf
  • Monitor holders
  • Brochure holders
  • Spotlights
  • Feet

*Please note, you will need to have Java downloaded on your computer to use the DisplayBuilder. You’ll also only be able to use it on a web browser that supports Java.(Firefox and Internet Explorer support Java. – Google Chrome does not.)

For Expand DisplayBuilder to work correctly with latest update of Java you need to add as a secure address:

  • Below Start – Open the “control panel”
  • Click on “Java”
  • Click the tab “security”
  • Click the button “Edit Site List…”
  • Click the “Add”-button
  • Type:
  • Click “OK”


Click here to start using the new features in DisplayBuilder >>

Learn more about the new features for the Expand GrandFabric >>

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