Celebrating 20 Years of the Expand QuickScreen 1

expand-quickscreen-1-2We are pleased to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Expand QuickScreen 1, the world’s first retractable banner stand display!

Since making its debut in 1997, the Expand QuickScreen 1 has set the standard for retractable banner stands. While many roll-up displays may look similar, they pale in comparison to Expand’s quality.

To celebrate 20 years of such an outstanding product, we wrote an article about The Expand QuickScreen 1 and how it gave birth to an entire category of retractable roll-up banner stands.

Read our Q & A about the history of retractable roll-up banners …

Q: What are the benefits of traditional roll-up banner stands? 
A: We are pleased to have invented the roll-up banner stand category when we introduced the Expand QuickScreen 1 in 1997. There are many benefits to traditional roll-up banner stands:

  1. Roll-up banner stands are compact and can easily be rolled up and stored when not in use. They are also lightweight and easy to carry, making them easy to transport.
  2. They’re cost-effective and easy to set up, which makes them perfect for companies who need to switch out their message often.
  3. The roll-up banner stands can be used in any environment. Because they are so compact they can be set up in any venue space on any flat surface – Your customer can bring your message to where their audience is!

Q: Why are rollup banner stands still popular despite other applications?
A: Rollup banner stands are very popular because of their easy setup and ease of use. Compared to alternative event displays, they are also very affordable and versatile.  At Expand, we sell a wide range of different roll ups and other event products, but our roll-up banner stands are still our most popular product line because they are so fast and easy to set up – Perfect for companies who need to set up and take down their message often!

Q: What makes them an effective marketing tool?
A: Roll-up banner stands are an effective marketing tool because they are very cost-effective, versatile and easy for anybody to handle. They create a lot of impact for a small investment. Most rollup banner stands are also very durable and reusable.

Most rollup banner stands also make it easy to switch out a graphic. For example, the Expand QuickScreen 3 contains a patented removable graphic cassette, that can easily be removed when you need to change your message. Your client will only have to pay for the base once, and then simply switch out the graphic cassette for each event.

Q: What advancements have been made on roll-up banner stands?
There have been many advancements for roll-up banner stands in the past 20 years:

The Beginning
The first version of the Expand QuickScreen 1 was introduced in 1997 in Stockholm, Sweden and introduced to the U.S. market in 1999. At that time, photographic labs used large images and print originals were made of film with each layer hand cut with sharp knives -The end result was a very expensive large format photographic print that was easily dented or scratched.

The development group at Expand was first after a practical way of storing and shipping these expensive prints as well as the new costly digital prints and settled on a rolling mechanism in a very sturdy aluminum case. The next evolution was to keep the print in the aluminum case beyond the shipping stage and add a pole and a swivel foot to make it a free-standing display by itself. As the then largest manufacturer of pop-up displays in Europe, Expand had a good sense of how useful such a display could be.

What Came Next

An original version of the Expand QuickScreen 1

It took a couple of years to get good traction, as distribution in the U.S. at the time was tied up by exclusivity contracts that only allowed dealers to purchase from a handful of display manufacturers. Therefore, Expand decided to sell only non-exclusively to any legitimate resellers. This has now become the norm for most display manufacturers, so the success of the early roll-up banner stand was due to a great product, print and software development and change in distribution strategy.

As printing technology and imaging software developed, the price and speed of printing these panels became more common and the need for printers to “productify” their prints grew. With large companies producing and marketing printing equipment and Adobe’s development of software allowing easy manipulation of images, the market grew exponentially worldwide and in 2001 Expand had to build a new factory in Asia to supplement its Swedish factory.

Next Version: The Expand QuickScreen 3
Many copies followed, so Expand learned the lesson of protecting its original ideas and the next breakthrough product, Expand QuickScreen 3, was patented both for its unique design, and its cassette function, a system of separate graphic cassettes that make it easy for a user to switch out the message.

After the invention of the separate graphic cassettes, Expand introduced the telescopic pole that allows the user to adjust its height. Then we added an air cushion in the pole to soften its decent, like a reversed bicycle pump function.

The telescopic pole makes it easy to change the height.

We decided to create an outside pocket on the bag to store the pole. A seemingly small improvement, but very popular among the users because it’s so much easier to grab it. We also eliminated the visible top hook to make the product more visually pleasing.

We’ve also had to create special arm lights to the roll ups. After speaking to a lighting manufacture who did not believe that we would be able to sell the new roll ups in large quantities, we decided to start making lights for the roll-up banner stands on our own! Millions of displays and lights later, Expand still manufactures several UL listed Halogen and LED arm lights!

Q:  What are other important characteristics for roll-up banner stands?
A: There are two very important characteristics to look for in roll-up banner stands:

  1. Pricing: Expand offers a wide range of pricing, from very inexpensive promo products like the Expand PromoRollup to high end retractables for outdoor use, such as the Expand MediaScreen 2 Outdoor. Print providers should consider how long a display should last, how often the image will go up and down, the design and warranty among other factors, it can be worth paying more for a more high-quality product. Expand offers excellent quality, service and printing capabilities. Expand’s high-quality roll-up banner stands are very cost-effective if you plan to use them over and over again. They carry a Lifetime Warranty that protects against manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship.
  2. Unique features that make it stand out from the competition: Important features to look for in a roll-up banner stand include design, quality and durability:

Design: The Expand QuickScreen 3 has a classic wing design, making it a beautiful display. It can be accented with 7 different colored accent kits to match the graphic panel mood and message. From a practical point, it is wide enough that you do not need a support foot (which can distract from the message) and perhaps most important: it has a patented cassette system for easy exchange and storage of several graphics for just one base unit. Very economical in the long run for both shipping, exchanging and storage of graphics.

Quality & Durability: The Expand QuickScreen 3 is the market’s smartest retractable banner stand, embodying elegance, functionality and quality. It also comes with a warranty. No one wants a malfunctioning roll-up at an event. That’s why Expand introduced the lifetime warranty for our branded roll-up banner stands. When you order from a company that has an unbranded product, you will not be able to get it repaired if you don’t remember where you bought it from and many companies will not repair their products without a receipt. All Expand branded roll-up banner stands come with the Expand name on the product and bag and we will repair any of our products, with no receipt needed. The end user can contact us directly to get it repaired if they want. No need for the reseller to get involved if they do not want to.

 We are very pleased to say that we created the world’s first retractable roll-up banner stand and that our Expand QuickScreen 1 and other roll-up banners are still popular today!

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