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Alan Conley, Expand Account Executive, alan.conley@expandmedai.com

Hi, I’m Alan Conley, an Expand Account Executive. We’re getting to that time of year where the weather can get nasty. At least on the East Coast!

With winter coming, it’s extremely important to have display setups that are weather proof and wind resistant.

Expand has a full product line of outdoor event displays. Read my post about the Expand MediaScreen 2 Outdoor & other outdoor Expand products that hold up to rain, wind and some other nasty weather conditions.

Expand’s Outdoor Products for Unpleasant Weather

What’s great about Expand’s outdoor product line is that our products are resistant to corrosion from rain, UV-radiation and most other unpleasant weather conditions. Expand’s outdoor products can handle almost anything that Mother Nature throws at them.

The Expand MediaScreen 2 Outdoor in particular is great for outdoor campaigns, sporting venues or winter events. It is the world’s first truly portable outdoor retractable, manufactured with the outdoors in mind.

Here are some winter conditions that your display may need to stand up to in the next few months:

1. Wind
The most concerning element to take into consideration when creating outdoor event environments is wind. Make sure you understand what wind range the outdoor product can withstand and make sure the customer knows that if the wind range is exceeding recommendation, they should take the display down. The Expand MediaScreen 2 Outdoor is equipped with support feet and a flexible support pole that guarantees stability and can withstand strong winds up to 22 miles per hour. With the help of a spring-loaded support, the pole is designed to flex in the wind so that the double-sided graphic can be seen in even the windiest conditions.


Some of Expand’s other outdoor displays can withstand wind speeds up to as much as 50 miles per hour (depending on the product and what weight system you use with the display). Winning the battle against wind comes down to the concept of least resistance and anchoring. It’s critical to use displays that have the least resistance to wind and feature broad bases.

Heavy base plates will keep displays in place and it’s important to have something that will weigh the display down if it’s fighting against strong wind gusts, so that it is less likely to blow over. The Expand Flag Stand XL is very stable even in strong winds and is available either with a weighted base or with water bags. The Expand GrandFabric Outdoor also contains stabilizing options, including plates, water tanks, and ground stakes, that allow it to stand up to harsh winds.

See how the Expand GrandFabric Outdoor stood up to harsh winds at an outdoor motorcycle event.

2. Rain
Some fabrics soak up water more than others, which could make the display material heavy and cause it to sag in the rain. When suggesting a product to your customer for outdoor usage, let them know that light polyester, sheer fabric or vinyl materials will stand up best in the rain. Expand offers many lightweight fabric options for our outdoor products that will not get bogged down in the rain. For example, the Expand PromoFlags are made of carefully selected material to handle long outdoor use in the rain or wind.

3. Snow
Just like with rain, snow can make certain displays too heavy if they are not made of the correct material. It’s important to make sure your customer uses a lightweight material if they are using a display for an outdoor event in the winter.

The Expand MediaScreen 2 Outdoor graphics are printed on PrintMedia 2101 material that can endure wind, rain and snow. This polyester fabric is encapsulated between two vinyl layers that make it curl resistant, flexible, flame resistant, lightweight, scratch and tear resistant, UV resistant, and unaffected by temperature changes. The weighted, support feet mount easily to the base, providing stability on flat surfaces such as snow.

The Expand MediaScreen 2 Outdoor stays standing in winter weather conditions.
Make sure to take all of these things into consideration when planning an outdoor display. In addition to the way that our products hold up in bad weather, we also provide a safety certificate that is done by an independent company. Elements such as rain and sun should always be considered when helping your customer choose the right outdoor display.

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