Expand Tips from the Experts – Bill Hetzel

Bill Hetzel, Expand Account Executive, bill.hetzel@expandmedia.com

Hi, my name is Bill Hetzel and I am an Expand Account Executive for the upper Midwest region.

At Expand, we’re known for being intelligent and innovative in everything we do and our products reflect that! Read my post to learn how the Expand GrandFabric is an extremely superior and high-quality product that outshines its competition and provides one solution for all of your customer’s event needs.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help you close sales!

Features and Benefits of the Expand GrandFabric

The Expand GrandFabric tension fabric system outshines its competitors in several very significant ways. First, the architecture (frames) are a rectangular shape and much sturdier and more heavy duty than traditional 1 ¼” tubing.  The shape provides a clean edge that designers prefer and mimics the high-end style of SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) at a portable price.  Plus, with no tools and packaged in the widely versatile Expand PodiumCase, you’ve got Modular at a Portable Price.


How can that be you ask?  Well, beyond the straight and curved frames are a multitude of ways to link these straight and curved units together and add accessories, allowing Modular ideas to flourish.

The Expand GrandFabric support foot can be configured in many different ways.  One is to offset two frames, allowing you to structurally accommodate a good sized monitor and a table. The support foot can also link two frames together side by side, at 90 degrees or in many other configurations.


Often the support feet are not needed or are used in conjunction with the Expand GrandFabric 360 hinge, which links two frames together and allows a full 360-degree range of motion.  Imagine the possibilities; the designs, using just two or three frames!


Since the frame hardware is rectangular, our Super Clamp becomes the basis of hanging accessories either on the vertical or horizontal sections:  Lights, brochure holders, shelves, monitor holders. All attach with a simple click!


And perhaps an exclusive for the GrandFabric system is how it can be set up by just one or two people, with no tools. There is also a cord management system when using lights on a double sided graphic frame! Hiding the cords and running them along the inside edges of the frames assures a professional look on both sides.

The Expand GrandFabric:  No tools, no crates, no installation and dismantle charges, no drayage charges. Multiple Expand PodiumCases are all you need and they convert from shipping cases into a single or double wide open countertop!


And the best part?  You can create your own designs using the free 3-D rendering program, the Expand Display Builder.
*Click here to learn more about the Display Builder

I’ve been with Expand for 12 years and we’ve always manufactured superior products.  It’s what we’re known for. But the Expand GrandFabric system takes it to another level!

Click here to download the Expand GrandFabric Catalog >>

I hope you found this information helpful. Click here for additional Tips on our Blog!

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4 thoughts on “Expand Tips from the Experts – Bill Hetzel

  1. Hi Bill, as you know we were interested in the silicone edge products so we are interested in this also. How does the edge of the printed fabric attach to the display? Also can we print the Fabric here at Quantum and apply what
    ever hardware is needed to the edge of our own prints?


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