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Naveen Koneru, Expand Account Executive, naveen.koneru@expandmedia.com

Hi, I’m Naveen Koneru and I’m an Expand Account Executive located in Berkeley, California.

An important part of business is being able to identify with your customers. Once you understand how to relate to a customer’s needs, it’s easier to understand how to sell to them. Read my post about how to identify with the 3 types of customers.

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Identifying with and Doing Business with Different Types of Customers

Life is not very different from business. In business, like in life, there are 3 different types of people. Based on the decisions that a customer makes and the actions that he or she takes, the customer can be categorized into one of three categories.

Customers can be categorized as:

  1. Go-getters
  2. Converts
  3. Nay-sayers

Let’s examine each category to understand how a person’s characteristics affect doing business with that type of customer and what kind of products are best to sell to them.


Traits & characteristics: Go-getters are people whose thinking and personas radiate a great deal of confidence and clarity. They like to live life to the fullest and will not settle for less than the best in life or in business. They are ambitious and eager to take their business to the next level and hence, they think longer term. They are growing, not because it is a phase but because it is a mindset: They always want to grow.

Opportunity & impact: Since go-getters are certain that they want the best in life and business without compromise, the best way to identify with them is show them high quality products. Once you clearly articulate that Expand products are top of the line and that investing in these high-quality products will help them build a world-class display, they will show no hesitation!

How will they perceive you? If you offer great service and high-quality products, go-getters will be your most loyal customers. And they will perceive you as a reliable and respectable resource.

Read more on Expand’s commitment to Quality Awareness here



Traits & characteristics: Converts exhibit passion in life and in business. However, they can sometimes be hesitant and  doubt themselves. In short, you can say that converts are borderline go-getters, but hold themselves back.

Opportunity & impact: With a little bit of your help and encouragement, converts can start to believe that they truly deserve good products and they can begin to take the risks to become a go-getter. Price will usually be an issue, so it is important to articulate to converts the difference in choosing a low or medium quality product vs. a high quality product and how it could reflect portraying themselves as a world class business.

Click here to read a post from one of our other Account Executives to see what I mean

How will they perceive you? They will appreciate you showing confidence in them, and encouraging them to improve their quality of life & business to get the best out there. You will notice that some of them will come to you to help convince them to take the risk: Make sure you take the extra step to encourage them!



Traits & characteristics: Interestingly, nay-sayers are clear that they do NOT want the best stuff in life. This could be due a combination of beliefs and circumstances. Hence, it is important to understand that this is their current situation for NOW. Without being judgmental, it is important to be open that their beliefs and circumstances could change.

Opportunity & impact: There is not much opportunity in selling high quality products, as nay-sayers are often very price sensitive and tend to choose price over quality. However, with your care and service, you can retain them as loyal customers serving their needs. Since they tend to get hung up on price, it’s important to inform them that with Expand products, you only have to buy the hardware one time, and can simply switch out the graphics, which will save them money in the long run. You can also show them more cost-effective products, such as the Expand Promo Rollup and Expand VenueTent.

How will they perceive you? As a resource to serve their needs of price-based products and help them get through their requirements.

Click here to view Expand’s cost-effective product line

Throughout my own journey in life, I have realized that I have belonged to all three categories in various aspects of my life. I’ve learned that it is important to not judge myself and hence not judge others. However, skillfully identifying a person’s characteristics and compassionately moving them to the next ‘level’ is very fulfilling and purposeful and it’s important that we play this role with our customers.

I hope that you found this information helpful.
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