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John Kuhlman, Expand Account Executive, john.kuhlman@expandmedia.com

Hi, I’m John Kuhlman and I’m Expand’s Account Executive for the Rocky Mountain Region.

I can’t stress enough the importance of selling quality over price. My post explains why it’s so important to sell your clients high-quality products.

If you have any questions, please email me: john.kuhlman@expandmedia.com

Don’t Let Your Customer Down: Provide High-Quality Products

On a recent business trip to visit customers, I walked into a print shop to introduce them to the Expand product line. The inside of the office had no walls, except for a small counter where an employee was on the phone. As I waited, I noticed that there was a retractable banner stand leaning up against the wall. I went over to take a look and noticed that it had no brand name or markings on it – these are the things that “we” in our business do.

After a few minutes, the employee finished his call and asked if he could help. I introduced myself and explained why I stopped in. I handed him our product brochure and opened it to a page that displayed our Expand QuickScreen 3 retractable banner stand (the same style as the one leaning against the wall in their office). He looked at me and said, “You need to talk with Ken. He will want to see this”. He waived Ken over and pointed at the picture of the Expand QuickScreen 3 in our brochure. “How much?”, Ken asked. I told him the price and he said, “That’s what I thought. That’s way too much!” I explained that as a printer, you only have to buy hardware one time. You replace the print as needed by your customers: This product comes with a lifetime warranty. If something malfunctions, we fix it at no charge. How’s that for expensive?

Ken explained that he had purchased a similar looking banner stand from an online warehouse for a really low price. He went on to say that 5 days after delivering it to his customer, the banner stand had broken and was no good. It couldn’t even be returned for a refund.  “It made us look bad” Ken stated. “I’m not sure if we can win back the clients’ business. I should have realized that the price point was too good to be true.”

Has this happened to you? For a salesperson, there is nothing worse than an unhappy customer.

I had an Expand QuickScreen 3 in my car and I quickly set it up and showed Ken the differences between the one he had purchased and ours. The design, construction, pole and weight of the units were completely different. Ken asked, “How fast can I get one?” I told him, “We can ship a unit out today!”

Lesson learned: Low price is not always the best choice!

Providing customers with quality products, time after time, will increase their loyalty and repeat business.

Read more on Expand’s commitment to Quality Awareness here >>

I hope that you found this information helpful.
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