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Don Johnson, Expand Account Executive, don.johnson@expandmedia.com

Hello! I’m Don Johnson and I’m the Southeast Account Executive at Expand International.

Read below for my post about my favorite Expand Product – The Expand LinkWall – and why I think it’s such a great sales tool!

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at don.johnson@expandmedia.com.

My Favorite Product: The Expand LinkWall

Every Expand Account Executive has their own “favorite Expand product”. Their go-to solution that they seem to “pitch” more often than others. Mine is the Expand LinkWall.

Why? It is so versatile! You can do so many different things with it, and it can solve so many different challenges.

Consider: You can sell one system that can be configured and reconfigured in dozens of different ways with very little effort. The basic “Kit” is typically made up of three 36” wide stands, with an 86” high pole made from 3 segments (bottom, middle and top that the graphics hang on). Link three stands side-by-side and you have a 9’ back wall x 86” high that is perfect for a 10’ trade show booth space (allows for pipe and drape posts that crowd your booth space). The wall is straight with virtually no seams.


Need a Branding Wall with a TV? Just use two 36” stand connected by a 24” flex panel. Cut out an opening for the VESA plate and add the foot and you are good to go.

Linkwall with Monitor Stand XL

Now what if your CEO is speaking before a large audience and you want a back drop over 86” high? Just add a 4th pole section and your total height is now 114”. And now your Human Resources team needs to go to a job fair. The Expand LinkWall can also be used as a table top. Just use the bottom and top pole sections and leave out the middle to get a 60” high display that can go on top of a table.

A combined Expand LinkWall & Expand MediaTower

By adding graphics on the back side and a filler end cap, you can make a banner stand that looks like a “custom made” pylon. The 24” flexible panels let you turn corners and set the display up in a variety of different ways. One of my first major jobs involved creating a “Star” configuration with the Expand LinkWall. With three 36” double sided spokes connected with the 24” flexible panels. Then we added a second straight stand on each spoke and filled in the ends with tapered end caps so that we created 3 large demo areas where they could show off the latest products.

Tupperware Show Photo less new items black screeen
The Expand LinkWall set up in a “Star” Configuration

We also did a project for the Walgreens Wellness Tour. With the straight sections and using flexible corners we created three “semi-private” conversation areas where senior citizens were able to get blood pressure taken.

Another example is when I accepted a challenge to come up with a product that could be re-configured a variety of ways for a 20’ x 20’ Island Booth. Bottom line: I came up with 8 different solutions.

One project called for a 40’ back wall. You just keep adding 36” Expand LinkWall units until you get the desired length. The flexible head that holds the graphics is spring loaded to account for any waviness or variations in floor level.

Another great reason why you will like using the Expand LinkWall is the money generated toward your sales budget. The finished package is typically $4,000 and up.  The Expand LinkWall is also very rugged. I have used my demos over and over and they have never gotten any dings or dents.

Click here to Learn More about the Expand LinkWall  >>


I hope that you found this information helpful.
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