Reseller Tip #5: Embedding Expand Brochures into your Website Using Issuu

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Read below for our next helpful tip about embedding Expand videos:

Tip #5: How to Embed Expand Videos

Do you need an easy way to show your customers the Expand products without directing them to us? We have a quick and efficient way for you to embed all Expand Brochures into your own website to allow your customers to view the full suite of Expand products, without having to send them to the Expand website.

Click on the following link to access all Expand brochures on Issuu:
(This link is also accessible on the Downloads Page on our website.)

From there, you can download a brochure for any of our Expand products.


* Please note, you will need to log to view our brochures. You can easily create a free account by clicking on “Create account”.

2. Click on the brochure that you want to embed into your website.

step 2- brochures

3. Under the picture of the brochure, click Share.

Step 3 - share

4. More options will pop up under the share link. Click on Embed.

Step 4 - Embed - arrows

5. After you click on Embed, it will take you to a screen titled “Add it to your site”.
Copy and paste the code from the Embed Box into your website.

step 5- embed code -cropped

All of our Expand brochures are available on Issue for you to embed into your website including:

Click here to Access the Expand Brochures on Issuu >>

This is what the embedded file will look like on your computer:


*Please note, Issue is a site that requires plugins and uses JavaScript. Make sure that you have the update version of Java and that you don’t have any software installed that may interfere with Issuu. Click here for troubleshooting tips if Issue is not performing correctly on your computer.

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