Reseller Tools – Tip #3: Get Inspired Kits for Portable Event Displays

We hope that you are enjoying our reseller tips and had a chance to read our previous tips about using the Expand Web Store and the new Expand Image Bank. Read below for our next reseller tip.

Tip #3: Get Inspired Kits for Portable Event Displays

On the top of the Expand website is a tab labeled “Portfolio”. When you click on this tab, you will be taken to a collection of Get Inspired Kits. This page contains some examples of how to use Expand products in different configurations for your event. Use these ideas to create your own layout and help your customers meet the needs of their next trade show, event or product launch.



Use these Get Inspired Kits for a simple way to find a fast solution and give your customers an idea of what kind of booth layouts they can order. Click on the kit that you think your customer would be interested in and email the link to them to help them make an instant purchasing decision!

The content in these kits can be customized to fit your customer’s needs. Most of the kits even allow you to view a 3-D rendering. Once your customer has an idea of what they want, you can click on the kit they are most interested in and then click on “To see a 3-D view, click here”. This will take you to the Expand DisplayBuilder: a free 3-D rendering tool that lets you render any size booth.
Click here to learn more about the Expand Display Builder >>

If the kit you’re interested in does not include a link to view it in 3-D, you can still create a 3-D rendering by going into the Expand DisplayBuilder and adding each product on your own. Just click on this link, sign up with your email address and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Or simply contact us and ask us to create a rendering for you. We’re here to help you close sales!


Click here to View Expand’s Get Inspired Solutions  >>

We hope that you find our Get Inspired Kits helpful.  Continue to follow our blog for additional tips!


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