Reseller Tip #5: Embedding Expand Brochures into your Website Using Issuu

We hope that you had a chance to read our other Expand Reseller Tips. Read below for our next helpful tip about embedding Expand videos: Tip #5: How to Embed Expand Videos Do you need an easy way to show your customers the Expand products without directing them to us? We have a quick and [...]

Reseller Tip #4: FREE Reseller Tool to help close Expand GrandFabric sales

We hope you had a chance to read our most recent blog post about the Expand GrandFabric, a portable and modular display system made up of individual backwalls that can be combined into different configurations and altered whenever needed. We are happy to announce that several new sizes and accessories for this product are now available to [...]

One Solution for all your Event Needs!

The Expand GrandFabric is a portable and modular display system that consists of several free-standing backwall units available in straight and curved shapes and different sizes. Alter the Shape & Size for Each Event  With the Expand GrandFabric system, easily create the display setup that best fits your needs for each event. The individual backwalls (both straight [...]

Reseller Tools – Tip #3: Get Inspired Kits for Portable Event Displays

We hope that you are enjoying our reseller tips and had a chance to read our previous tips about using the Expand Web Store and the new Expand Image Bank. Read below for our next reseller tip. Tip #3: Get Inspired Kits for Portable Event Displays On the top of the Expand website is a [...]