Reseller Tools – Tip #2: Accessing the New Expand Image Bank

We have a lot of great Expand reseller tools available to make selling to your customers easier. We hope that you had a chance to read our 1st tip, about using the Expand Web Store. Read below for our next reseller tip.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Tip #2: New Image Bank on

We are now offering an improved image directory for our resellers via The directory contains several high-resolution and low-resolution images that are readily available for you when marketing our Expand products. You must be an Authorized Expand Reseller in order to have access to Expand’s new image bank. Click here to contact us about becoming an authorized Expand Reseller.

The new image bank is FREE to all of our resellers and very easy to use.

Simply follow these steps to access the Image Bank: 

1. Click on the “Reseller Tools” tab on the top right side of the Expand website. This will take you to a page titled “New Image Bank for our Dealers”, where you can enter your email address to request a link to the new Image Bank.

2. After entering your email, you will receive an email titled “We have received your Image Bank request”.

3. Our team will review your request and confirm that you are a registered reseller of Expand. Once we confirm that you are a registered reseller, you will receive another email that looks like this:


4. Click on “Accept Invite”. This will take you to the website, where you can log in.

  • If you already have a corporate account on Box: Use the same email address and we will invite you to our folder, “Expand International.”
  • If you don’t have an account on Box yet: Follow the link in the invitation that you receive via email. You will be able to choose your name and password.

5. Once you are logged in, it will take you to a folder titled “Expand Reseller Tools”. Click through to access Expand’s Artwork Templates, Price Guides and Product Images:

Artwork Templates

Use these templates when you are submitting artwork for a particular Expand product. They contain the guidelines needed to submit your artwork, including the trim size and graphic size with bleed. This information is also available on the Expand website.

Expand Price Guide

Expand Price Guides are also available in the folder. Check your pricing for the different Expand products. You can also see your pricing for different Expand products on the Expand Web Store.

Expand Product Images

The third folder in the Reseller Tools folder on is called “Expand Product Images”. Download these images and use in your marketing. The contents are broken down by Product Name, and each product folder contains a subfolder for high-res images and a subfolder for low-res images.


*Please note, The images on the Expand extranet are owned by Expand International and may not be retouched, cropped or otherwise altered (except enlarging or reducing the picture) without permission from Expand International.


If there is an image or artwork template you need that is not available in any of these folders, please send an email to us at .


Click here to access the Expand Image Bank  >>

We hope that you found this helpful.  Continue to follow our blog for additional tips!

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