Creating Graphics for Event Displays – Tip #3: Matching Pantones

We hope that you had a chance to read our 1st tip and 2nd tip about creating graphics for event displays. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Read below for Tip #3.

Tip #3: Matching Pantones

At Expand, we use a Pantone Color Matching system to reproduce PMS colors as accurately as possible on the given substrate, printer and profile. We use CMYK color builds to match PMS colors. Our printers match up to 90% of Pantone colors without any color corrections necessary. The other 10% can be tweaked with color correction tools. For example, our Expand 2101, which is printed on our latex printer reproduces 65% of Coated Pantone colors to within 2 DeltaE (considered a spot-on match) and 83% within 5 DeltaE (considered an acceptable commercial match).

Read the below guidelines for submitting artwork to Expand so that we can accurately reproduce the PMS colors for you or your customers: 

Commercial Color Match

Pantone® provides a standardized system of color matching which enables us to determine which CMYK values are best to use with each media to achieve the specific color you are looking for in your graphic. This is referred to as a Commercial Color Match.

Pantone colors

If you would like us to provide you with a commercial color match, please use the actual Pantone® color in your file. Do not alter the name of the Pantone® color. It should remain intact so that we can provide an accurate match. You may also choose to provide a sample print or match print, such as a brochure, so that we may provide you with a commercial color match to that particular substrate.

Pantone and CMYK Colors

Include all Pantone® colors as SPOT colors in the swatches palette (not process). Except for Pantone® colors, all other artwork should be submitted in CMYK. Expand does not print in RGB. Not all colors can be precisely duplicated, so if a color match is critical, we recommend that the customer provides a Pantone® color as a reference so that we have a commercially acceptable reference to match to. For more information regarding Pantone® colors, please visit


Prints that we can Match

At Expand, we can match to Pantone callouts, samples or other prints. We cannot match to monitors.

Printed Proofs

We strongly recommend ordering a printed proof for color and quality checking. Each printed proof is printed on the substrate the final graphic will be printed on, and comes with a small print of the full graphic.



For more information, download our Artwork Submission Guidelines >>

Learn more about Expand’s Printing Capabilities >>


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