Creating Graphics for Event Displays – Tip #2: Save Money by Shipping from Different Production Locations

We hope that you had a chance to read our 1st tip, about proper viewing distance for graphics. Read below for our next production tip.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Tip #2: Save Money by Shipping from Different Production Locations

Do you have customers in different locations or countries? At Expand, we have three different production locations: one in Connecticut, one in California, and one in Sweden. We will help you choose the closest location for quicker delivery at a more affordable shipping cost.

Instead of shipping everything out of one location, we can ship from whichever location is local to your end-user. For example, if you have customers located on the West Coast, instead of shipping out of Expand’s U.S. headquarters in Connecticut, they’ll received their materials faster if you ask us to ship it locally from our California warehouse. Also, if you need something to go to Europe, ask to have it shipped from our Swedish production center to get it there quicker and save on the cost of shipping overseas.

We have complete color-consistency between all three locations because we use the same printers, rip software and calibration targets. We also custom build our profiles to achieve best color gamut for each print media/ printer combination. Therefore, we have complete color coordination for print production between each of the three locations. Graphics will be of the same quality no matter which location you ask to produce them. No need to worry about a customer in Europe not receiving the exact same quality display as a customer in the U.S. –  The quality is matched at each location and you can color proof from one location to produce in another.


Take advantage of our multiple locations. We will help you choose the most local and affordable option for your needs without having to worry about print quality.


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