One Wall– Endless Variations!

The highly flexible Expand LinkWall is incredibly unique! It is made up of individual units that can be combined together to form an endless number of shapes and configurations.

The individual LinkWall units are connected by a patented magnetic solution. Flexible linking panels fit in between the units and have a rubber profile that enables the user to change the size and shape of the wall. Simply add or remove panels to adapt the wall for each event.

Combine as many as you like to create the Expand LinkWall configuration that best fits your needs!


With so many different configurations, the reusable LinkWall is the perfect investment for companies who need to use it for multiple events.  The display wall can be altered to suit each specific venue.  Use it as a straight wall on one occasion and combine the flexible panels to transform it into a different shape for the next. The display can also be used either single or double-sided.

Some of our most popular configurations for the Expand LinkWall are:  

  • L-shape
  • U-shape
  • Curved Mural
  • Serpentine
  • Star Island
  • Triangle Tower


L-Shape Configuration                                           U-Shape Configuration
Serpentine Configuration

All of the configurations above were created from the same display! Simply move the bases as needed and bend the flexible link panels to create endless different layouts!



Optional spotlights can be added to help illuminate the wall and attract attention to your event display. An optional monitor holder is also available for customers who wish to show a movie or presentation.



The Expand LinkWall is extremely lightweight and can easily be set up by one person, without any tools. To transport the Expand LinkWall, simply pack it into the Expand PodiumCase and wheel it away.



Learn more about the LinkWall components & how to combine them »

Download the LinkWall Product Leaflet »

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