3-D Rendering Sales Tool: Help Your Customers Go from Sales Inquiry to Purchasing Decision in Minutes!

Are your customers on the fence about making a final purchasing decision because they’re unsure what they are getting? The Expand DisplayBuilder is a free, 3-dimensional brandable rendering tool that enables you to envision the layout for your customer’s pop-up store, trade show booth, or mobile marketing event and send it to them, so they can visualize what you are offering. Speed up the sales process by going from sales inquiry to visualizing solutions within minutes!



This helpful sales tool also allows you to:

• Brand the pdf and 3-D link with your logo.
• Skin the products with customer relevant images, such as the customer’s logo and products.
• Save a step by giving your Sales Team a tool they use on their own – No need to go the Graphics Department.
• Email the 3-D renderings to customers to help them make an instant purchasing decision!


The Display Builder rendering tool is very easy to use:

  1. Choose the floor space
  2.  Add the products to include.
  3. Upload the images and/or logos that the customer would like to include.
  4. Email the layout to your customer and include a quotation.

Watch a video on how to use Expand DisplayBuilder to Increase Sales:

DisplayBuilder Webinar from Expand International on Vimeo.

***Update: DisplayBuilder  now only runs on Internet Explorer (PC) or Safari (Mac). For Internet Explorer, please ensure that you can run ActiveX controls and have the latest version of Java installed. 

Click here to start using the DisplayBuilder Tool!


Watch a Tutorial to Get Started!


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