Expand PodiumCase Climbs Mount Everest

Another way to use one our most popular products! Our Expand PodiumCase, a compact transportation box, was used in part of an epic adventure.

Robin Trygg, the youngest Swede to ever climb Mount Everest at the age of 24, used the Expand PodiumCase for the first part of his climb. He used the Expand PodiumCase to hold most of his equipment and brought it all the way to the mountain’s basecamp with him, proving how well the PodiumCase holds up to high altitudes!

Trygg is an avid mountain climber from Stockholm, Sweden and he has continued to participate in many climbs since his climb up Mount Everest in 2011. In the past few years, he climbed Mount Elbrus in Russia, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden.

Trygg is currently starting a climb up Cho Oyu, the sixth highest mountain in the world, located on the border of Nepal and Tibet, China. He had originally planned the Cho Oyu climb in April 2015 and he was at the Cho Oyu basecamp at 5600 meters altitude when the Nepal earthquake struck. He was not injured, but authorities in Nepal banned all climbing of the 8,000-meter mountains immediately following the earthquake.

He is now resuming last year’s Cho Oyu expedition. He is traveling with three other people and they reached the Cho Oyu basecamp yesterday, where they spent the day getting accustomed to the increased altitude before heading to the next camp.

The other part of his exhibition that got canceled last year included climbing Mount Everest again, which he plans on doing this year as well. If he does, he will become the first Swede to have climbed Mount Everest from both the south and north side and the second Swede to ever climb Mount Everest twice.

You can continue to learn about Trygg’s current climb by following his Blog.


Watch the Video to see the Expand PodiumCase on Mount Everest:

Expand PodiumCase on Mount Everest from Expand International on Vimeo.

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