Accept no substitutions!

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Originality. It is an inherently American trait.  We see it every day in the clothes people wear, in the cars they drive, in the food they eat. Our likes and tastes add to our personalities. They, in turn, become an extension our very essence.

In the experiential marketing world, brands want to feel the same way. They want to look good, they want to be wanted, and they want to be wholly unique. As they jockey for position to stand out among the crowd, they are looking to become truly original!

The Expand PodiumCase is the  event display industry original! There are many imitations, but that is just what they are… imitations. Nothing beats the quality, re-brandability, durability of an Expand PodiumCase!

This  all-in-one event display solution that you can quickly transform from a transport case into a spacious countertop. Extremely simple to set-up and easy to use; it makes an attractive kiosk or a portable bar for clients and customers to gather. It also pairs great with all our amazing Expand products.


Some reasons why choosing an Expand PodiumCase can add impact to your next event:

  • Excellent for transporting our large display walls – perfect when you need a portable exhibition for different events.
  • It fits comfortably into the trunk of your car.
  • Show a movie or a presentation with an addition of a monitor holder or tablet holder attachment
  • Expand PodiumCase can even be used for outdoor events

So, accept no substitutes and go with the portable countertop that is a true industry original!

By: Kevin Hogan

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