Make a GRAND statement…no matter your environment!

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These summer months are sizzling, and I don’t just mean the temperature! Music festivals, sporting events, and beach time activities are in full swing. Brands are itching to find that impressive platform to wrangle wondering eyes to their promotion.  Is there a large, outdoor backwall that can maximize my next activation?

Well that search is over, with the Expand GrandFabric Outdoor your message will have it’s largest reach yet!

The Expand GrandFabric Outdoor is the world’s first completely rebrandable, transportable outdoor graphic backdrop that is simple to assemble, and gives you a large fabric surface for your marketing purposes. So simple, this unique system can be set-up and dismantled by two people!

Expand GrandFabric Outdoor Demo


The Expand GrandFabric Outdoor can be set up on most level surfaces, such as: asphalt, sand, grass, and concrete. A heavy-duty, rust free coating helps protect this unit against corrosion from rain, snow, UV-radiation and other extreme weathering.

Along with it’s durable hardware, the Expand GrandFabric Outdoor has an HD dye-sub printed pillowcase fabric graphic (can be printed single-sided or double-sided with a plain fabric backing) that will give you the best, most vibrant display where ever you need it! There is also, an optional fabric skirt that zips around the base to hide the the hardware.

This system’s most unique feature is it’s exclusive spring loaded design. It allows the unit outstanding flexibility even in the harshest of conditions. Be advised, the Expand GrandFabric starts to bend at a 25⁰ angle at 27 mph, but will withstand a 45 mph wind gust.

This system allows you to choose from three stabilizing options to help reduce friction caused by wet conditions:

  • plates
  • water tanks
  • ground stakes

The Expand GrandFabric Outdoor comes packed in a custom made wooden crate. The crate comfortably fits the full unit (including stabilizing options) for storage and transport between activations.

Add some sizzle to your next outdoor marketing campaign with the Expand GrandFabric Outdoor, the ultimate solution in outdoor branding!


By: Kevin Hogan

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