Show & Tell


When we were kids we couldn’t wait to go to school and have show and tell in school. We’d showcase our dolls, our action figures, or if you were rich you’d cruise your Power Wheels around the classroom!

Showing off is something that we never lose. We go out on weekends in our best clothes, we wear jewelry to help accent our personalities , we drive fancy cars (like they were Power Wheels) just to get the attention of one another.

A business has this same mentality. Brands want to display their newest and greatest the best way possible! Expand wants to give all brands the ultimate platform to showoff their goods, and with our new Display Case and shelves for the Expand MediaWall brands can do just that!

Display case and shelves

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Have your products and inventions stand out with this one click display system. Add one or more Display Cases to the Expand MediaWall to help communicate your brand and display your products. The Display Case can be placed in the top, middle or bottom of the wall to maximize any activation.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to install our Display Case:

So go on, show us what you got!


By: Kevin Hogan

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