There’s a saying, “What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas.” Well, we can’t keep our mouths shut! The Expand team is still excited after the EXHIBITORLIVE show, and we have to tell everyone!

We a had a great show this year! Thanks to everybody who came by our booth to look at the new product line, or just came by to say hi to the Expand team.


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Some of the Expand highlights: Our theme for the show was the outdoors, and Expand delivered that impression with open spaces paired with breathtaking graphics.

  • People finally got to see and put their hands on the Expand GrandFabric in all it’s grandeur.
  • Even though the show was in Vegas, people could almost get lost thinking they where standing in the mountains on a warm spring day as they meandered though the Expand InfinitaSystem Backlit.
  • A sense of playfulness was in the air, and it wasn’t just the Expand team. The Expand MediaFabric Backlit was glimmering ever so brightly, one would almost feel they were in the middle of a hot air balloon race.
  • “Hang ten”, with the Display Case for the Expand MediaWall gives the option of showcasing a product surrounded by a graphic.

This EXHIBITORLIVE was a success! We could not be happier to show as many people as possible our event solutions, and remind you when you choose Expand we will, “Expand your expectations”!


By: Kevin Hogan

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