Make a Grand Statement with Expand GrandFabric


Innovation and elegance have always been at the forefront of Expand’s mentality. Some messages are subtle. Some need to be shouted from the highest point possible, and some messages need to be showcased in a new, unique way.

No matter the impact you want to make with your message, Expand has you covered, now more than ever! We are proud to announce  the Expand GrandFabric!

Expand GrandFabric is a professional-grade, rebrandable, portable event wall system that is well suited for any tradeshow, pop-up shop, and experiential activation. Whether you have a small 10’x10’ space or a large presence at a convention center, the Expand GrandFabric is a perfect fit! The system comes in 10 standard sized frames. The frames are collapsible, and each section is connected with bungee cords for easy construction in the field.

The Expand GrandFabric is a unique combination of portability, and ease of set-up that allows the creation of modular like structures.  All the Expand GrandFabric frames and accessories are designed for “rough and tumble” event usage. Yet, they pack easily into the Expand PodiumCase for transport. Assembly is fast, easy, and no tools are required. Construction is simple:

  • Assemble each frame
  • Then pull the dye-sub printed “pillow case style” graphic over the frame
  • Close the zipper at the bottom and fit the frame onto its feet
  • When the display is set up, add some of the many Expand GrandFabric accessories to show off your brand to its fullest!

When you want to make a grand statement, the Expand GrandFabric is the best way to show off, “Your Message Where it Matters”!

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