Make a Grand Statement with Expand GrandFabric

Innovation and elegance have always been at the forefront of Expand's mentality. Some messages are subtle. Some need to be shouted from the highest point possible, and some messages need to be showcased in a new, unique way. No matter the impact you want to make with your message, Expand has you covered, now more [...]

Tough Choices: How to Choose the Right Display

    Soup or salad. Salt or pepper. Pizza or more pizza? These are decisions we face everyday, and these decisions never get easier. The event display world is no different. Finding the perfect display solution to complement your specific campaign is critical! There are a number of variables that need to be thought through before [...]

Expand MediaFabric Gets a Makeover

The Expand MediaFabric has been a favorite for our clients for years, and now it’s getting a face lift! The New Expand MediaFabric is the same size as the Expand MediaWall. This means that you get a slightly larger Expand MediaFabric for the same price as the original. Also, we will be introducing a wider 5x3 [...]