New Year Resolutions


January is almost here, and those holiday pounds are adding up!  Feasts and sweets! Hams and pies…oh my, the pies! New Year resolutions are scurrying around our heads. How do I get these jeans to fit? What gym should I join? Should I dust off that ‘Billy Blanks Tae Bo’ DVD? Thank goodness for everyone its still sweater season!

Holiday fatigue doesn’t just effect our waists, but business too. Vacation time. End-of-year reviews. Holiday party shenanigans. All of these reasons are why its hard to get back to regularity. Back to finding your balance.

I was looking around on the internet, and stumbled on an interesting article on called “14 Simple Productivity Resolutions for 2015“.  You can view the full article in the link, but here are some high points that I found that I apply to myself, and maybe you can too:

  • Plan out each day. I do this by writing lists out on sticky notes or planning my calendar. I try to focus on what needs to be done that day. I understand its hard to do with deadlines, and general work chaos. But if you focus on the now, you can accomplish other things more effectively down your work pipeline
  • Focus on your weak areas. Everybody wants self improvement. If you don’t like those “love handles” you work them off. So, why not work off your “work love handles” as well! Take an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Take some time to come up with a strategy it improve your weak spots; while not ignoring you strengths. If you ignore your strengths, they may become a problem next time resolutions come up.
  • Set up systems that increase efficiency. Good habits and rituals can be important to us, especially coming off an extended period of unstructured relaxation. Its sometimes the little things that help you get back into the swing of things. Don’t just say your are going to do something. Make your actions speak for you! Maybe your systems will inspire others to follow suit.
  • Create a better work environment. Your desk is cluttered! Your boss asks you for the file, and you frantically search to find it though the thicket of trash that has become your desk. You use the coffee ring where you always put your mug as a legend…a point of origin. As you rifle though the wrapping paper from you office party, forgotten reports, old proofs and samples you see a pizza box. A pizza box? When was the last time I ordered pizza at work? Did something just move? A clean desk is important not just to staying organized, but for staying sane! A clean desk is you friend, and we all like treating our friends well.
  • Stop multitasking. Stop it! You can’t do it! We live in a go-go lifestyle of thinking we can do a ton of things great all at the same time. Well, you can’t! Don’t believe me? Read this and then this. Instead, focus on your task at the moment you are doing it. My motto is ,” It’s better to do one thing great, than doing 5 thing OK.

Don’t let the fat pile on in work, life, or whatever! Change can be hard, but that’s what new years are about. Maybe this year will be better than the last, and maybe this can be a blueprint for a successful 2015!

By: Kevin Hogan, Web Content Producer, Expand International of America, Inc.

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