Customer Success Story: 20 Expand Fabric Lightboxes used for Paris Exhibition


Expand’s backlit fabric displays create an illuminated visual that stands out and guides the viewer’s focus back to the message. We are pleased to share our latest customer success story involving our backlit displays.

Dominique Perrault Architecture (DPA), a famous French architecture firm, used 20 Expand fabric light boxes for a big exhibition in Paris. We met up with Henrik Hagelin, General Manager at Expand’s France location, to get more details…

Q: How did this job get started? 
A: DPA is a very well-known architecture firm in France. They do a lot of projects worldwide and contacted us two years ago about another project they were doing for the South of France. That project ended up getting delayed, but 2 years later, they came to us asking for backlit fabric lightboxes for an exhibition in Paris.


Q: Can you tell us a little about the goal of the exhibition? 
A: The exhibition is located at the La Conciergerie and illustrates the future layout of the island “Ile de la Cité”, located in the heart of Paris. The city of Paris is in the middle of an ongoing 20-year long project to get people to stay on the island, which used to not be visited very often at all, except for a few tourists who go to see the Notre-Dame church. The city is adding more restaurants and cafés to encourage more people to stay on the island and the images displayed on the illuminated graphics show what the finished layout of the island will look like.


Each image showed some examples of what the future of the island would look like.

Q: How long will the display be up for? 
A:The backlit display will be up for the entire length of the exhibition. The dates of the exhibition are February 14, 2017 through February April 17, 2017 and it is currently open to the public. The event just opened last week and so far it has been well attended, and François Holland, the President of France, even attended the exhibition.
Click here to get tickets to the exhibition »


French President Holland in front of a light box at the grand opening on Feb.14th.

Q: What are the advantages to using backlit displays at these types of events?
There are several advantages to using lighting in your display setup. A well-illuminated stand creates a pleasant atmosphere, feels more welcoming and attracts more visitors. DPA wanted an attractive illumined solution for the exhibition. They wanted to use lights to create something very attractive. Therefore, they chose the Expand backlit fabric light boxes for a completely customized display that consisted of 16 regular, single-sided backlit stands and 4 that are used as projection screens, for a very unique illuminated setup to draw people in.


 Learn more about enhancing your communication with lighting »

Q: What would you recommend to someone who is looking to purchase a backlit display?
A: I would recommend a backlit fabric display to anyone who wants something that will stand out. It is a high-quality, affordable solution that is much more visible in a busy environment!


Read more about the Paris Exhibition on the Expand website >>

Or learn more about our backlit fabric booths and towers »

I hope that you found this informative:
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New Expand GrandFabric Features in DisplayBuilder

EGF-GIF-in-Display-BuilderWe hope you had a chance to read our previous blog posts about using the Expand DisplayBuilder to help close Expand GrandFabric sales.

We recently added even MORE features that you can add to your 3-D Expand GrandFabric rendering in DisplayBuilder, including different frame sizes, shelves, and roofs!

Read below to learn more about these new features…

We are pleased to tell you about the new parts for the Expand GrandFabric that we now have available in DisplayBuilder:

  1. New Crowd Control Frame:
    We offer a new frame size for the Expand GrandFabric. The new crowd control frame for the Expand GrandFabric is a shorter frame (91 3/8 inches x 36 5/8 inches), that people can see over. This allows you to create a half wall in your booth setup. Use this feature in DisplayBuilder to show your customer how they can create a partition in their booth or combine it with different backwall units to show how they can have a variety of different wall sizes in their booth for a more interesting display setup.cropped-crowd-control-frame


2. New Expand GrandFabric Shelves:
We also have new shelving units available for the Expand GrandFabric. We have one version with legs and another shelf without legs which only fits onto a frame that is 147 cm (57 7/8″) wide. You can see in the options for the stacking shelves that the height can be changed now in display builder.cropped_shelves

3. New Expand GrandFabric Roofs:
Our most exciting new features are the new Expand GrandFabric roofs! A roof allows you to create lounge area or a meeting room for your customers in your booth area.


You can go to the select arrow and pick the clamps for the roof at different heights, either 240 cm or 318 cm (94 1/2 or 125 1/4 inches). cropped-egf-select-roofsWhen you pick your desired clamps, you can go to the option and change the width of whatever clamps you are using. There are 3 different clamp options that you can choose from. Two of them are curved, as you can use curved frames as roofs as well.


You can choose whichever roof you would like. The roofs very in size and curvature. Each roof has an option to change the height level.


Other Expand GrandFabric accessories that you can add to the 3-D rendering include:

  • Tables
  • Shelf
  • Monitor holders
  • Brochure holders
  • Spotlights
  • Feet

*Please note, you will need to have Java downloaded on your computer to use the DisplayBuilder. You’ll also only be able to use it on a web browser that supports Java.(Firefox and Internet Explorer support Java. – Google Chrome does not.)

For Expand DisplayBuilder to work correctly with latest update of Java you need to add as a secure address:

  • Below Start – Open the “control panel”
  • Click on “Java”
  • Click the tab “security”
  • Click the button “Edit Site List…”
  • Click the “Add”-button
  • Type:
  • Click “OK”


Click here to start using the new features in DisplayBuilder >>

Learn more about the new features for the Expand GrandFabric >>

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Celebrating 20 Years of the Expand QuickScreen 1

Ensuring Quality in Our Manufacturing Process

Celebrating 20 Years of the Expand QuickScreen 1

expand-quickscreen-1-2We are pleased to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Expand QuickScreen 1, the world’s first retractable banner stand display!

Since making its debut in 1997, the Expand QuickScreen 1 has set the standard for retractable banner stands. While many roll-up displays may look similar, they pale in comparison to Expand’s quality.

To celebrate 20 years of such an outstanding product, we wrote an article about The Expand QuickScreen 1 and how it gave birth to an entire category of retractable roll-up banner stands.

Read our Q & A about the history of retractable roll-up banners …

Q: What are the benefits of traditional roll-up banner stands? 
A: We are pleased to have invented the roll-up banner stand category when we introduced the Expand QuickScreen 1 in 1997. There are many benefits to traditional roll-up banner stands:

  1. Roll-up banner stands are compact and can easily be rolled up and stored when not in use. They are also lightweight and easy to carry, making them easy to transport.
  2. They’re cost-effective and easy to set up, which makes them perfect for companies who need to switch out their message often.
  3. The roll-up banner stands can be used in any environment. Because they are so compact they can be set up in any venue space on any flat surface – Your customer can bring your message to where their audience is!

Q: Why are rollup banner stands still popular despite other applications?
A: Rollup banner stands are very popular because of their easy setup and ease of use. Compared to alternative event displays, they are also very affordable and versatile.  At Expand, we sell a wide range of different roll ups and other event products, but our roll-up banner stands are still our most popular product line because they are so fast and easy to set up – Perfect for companies who need to set up and take down their message often!

Q: What makes them an effective marketing tool?
A: Roll-up banner stands are an effective marketing tool because they are very cost-effective, versatile and easy for anybody to handle. They create a lot of impact for a small investment. Most rollup banner stands are also very durable and reusable.

Most rollup banner stands also make it easy to switch out a graphic. For example, the Expand QuickScreen 3 contains a patented removable graphic cassette, that can easily be removed when you need to change your message. Your client will only have to pay for the base once, and then simply switch out the graphic cassette for each event.

Q: What advancements have been made on roll-up banner stands?
There have been many advancements for roll-up banner stands in the past 20 years:

The Beginning
The first version of the Expand QuickScreen 1 was introduced in 1997 in Stockholm, Sweden and introduced to the U.S. market in 1999. At that time, photographic labs used large images and print originals were made of film with each layer hand cut with sharp knives -The end result was a very expensive large format photographic print that was easily dented or scratched.

The development group at Expand was first after a practical way of storing and shipping these expensive prints as well as the new costly digital prints and settled on a rolling mechanism in a very sturdy aluminum case. The next evolution was to keep the print in the aluminum case beyond the shipping stage and add a pole and a swivel foot to make it a free-standing display by itself. As the then largest manufacturer of pop-up displays in Europe, Expand had a good sense of how useful such a display could be.

What Came Next


An original version of the Expand QuickScreen 1

It took a couple of years to get good traction, as distribution in the U.S. at the time was tied up by exclusivity contracts that only allowed dealers to purchase from a handful of display manufacturers. Therefore, Expand decided to sell only non-exclusively to any legitimate resellers. This has now become the norm for most display manufacturers, so the success of the early roll-up banner stand was due to a great product, print and software development and change in distribution strategy.

As printing technology and imaging software developed, the price and speed of printing these panels became more common and the need for printers to “productify” their prints grew. With large companies producing and marketing printing equipment and Adobe’s development of software allowing easy manipulation of images, the market grew exponentially worldwide and in 2001 Expand had to build a new factory in Asia to supplement its Swedish factory.

Next Version: The Expand QuickScreen 3
Many copies followed, so Expand learned the lesson of protecting its original ideas and the next breakthrough product, Expand QuickScreen 3, was patented both for its unique design, and its cassette function, a system of separate graphic cassettes that make it easy for a user to switch out the message.

After the invention of the separate graphic cassettes, Expand introduced the telescopic pole that allows the user to adjust its height. Then we added an air cushion in the pole to soften its decent, like a reversed bicycle pump function.


The telescopic pole makes it easy to change the height.

We decided to create an outside pocket on the bag to store the pole. A seemingly small improvement, but very popular among the users because it’s so much easier to grab it. We also eliminated the visible top hook to make the product more visually pleasing.

We’ve also had to create special arm lights to the roll ups. After speaking to a lighting manufacture who did not believe that we would be able to sell the new roll ups in large quantities, we decided to start making lights for the roll-up banner stands on our own! Millions of displays and lights later, Expand still manufactures several UL listed Halogen and LED arm lights!

Q:  What are other important characteristics for roll-up banner stands?
A: There are two very important characteristics to look for in roll-up banner stands:

  1. Pricing: Expand offers a wide range of pricing, from very inexpensive promo products like the Expand PromoRollup to high end retractables for outdoor use, such as the Expand MediaScreen 2 Outdoor. Print providers should consider how long a display should last, how often the image will go up and down, the design and warranty among other factors, it can be worth paying more for a more high-quality product. Expand offers excellent quality, service and printing capabilities. Expand’s high-quality roll-up banner stands are very cost-effective if you plan to use them over and over again. They carry a Lifetime Warranty that protects against manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship.
  2. Unique features that make it stand out from the competition: Important features to look for in a roll-up banner stand include design, quality and durability:

Design: The Expand QuickScreen 3 has a classic wing design, making it a beautiful display. It can be accented with 7 different colored accent kits to match the graphic panel mood and message. From a practical point, it is wide enough that you do not need a support foot (which can distract from the message) and perhaps most important: it has a patented cassette system for easy exchange and storage of several graphics for just one base unit. Very economical in the long run for both shipping, exchanging and storage of graphics.

Quality & Durability: The Expand QuickScreen 3 is the market’s smartest retractable banner stand, embodying elegance, functionality and quality. It also comes with a warranty. No one wants a malfunctioning roll-up at an event. That’s why Expand introduced the lifetime warranty for our branded roll-up banner stands. When you order from a company that has an unbranded product, you will not be able to get it repaired if you don’t remember where you bought it from and many companies will not repair their products without a receipt. All Expand branded roll-up banner stands come with the Expand name on the product and bag and we will repair any of our products, with no receipt needed. The end user can contact us directly to get it repaired if they want. No need for the reseller to get involved if they do not want to.

 We are very pleased to say that we created the world’s first retractable roll-up banner stand and that our Expand QuickScreen 1 and other roll-up banners are still popular today!

Learn more about the Expand Quick Screen 1 >>

View Expand’s full line of Retractable Banner Stands >>

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Ensuring Quality in Our Manufacting Process

Expand Tips from the Experts -Evaluating Trade Show Participation


Ensuring Quality in Our Manufacturing Process


Jari Kekkonen, CTO at Expand International

At Expand, we design and manufacture the majority of our products in-house at our own ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility.

The Expand corporate office is located in Stockholm, Sweden with sales offices in the U.S., U.K., France and Germany. We have manufacturing in U.S., Sweden and China.

We met up with Jari Kekkonen, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Expand International, to get more details.

Read our Expand Blog Post for our Q & A session with Jari …

Q: Can you tell us a little about the history of Expand’s manufacturing facilities? 
A: We started the manufacturing of portable displays in Sweden in the early 1980’s and in the U.S. and China in 2001. From the very beginning, we had a strong focus on the quality aspect of what we were producing. In fact, the main reason that we started on a small scale was so that we could spend more time focusing on quality.

Q: What kind of productions capacities/capabilities do the factories have?
A: The manufacturing facility in China does mostly display hardware. We do a wide range of machining, hole punching, welding, bending, extrusion, etc. We focus on quality control, both for parts coming in and of course also the products being shipped out. The entire operation is built around quality assessment at all stages, choice of material, production, testing and delivery.

iso-goldQ: Can you explain what it means to be ISO 9001 Certified?

A: Being ISO 9001 Certified means following routines and processes that adhere to a certain set of fundamentals. For over ten years, Expand has been certified with an ISO 9001 Certificate, which contains a list of fundamental requirements for quality management systems.

At Expand, we take our ISO certification very seriously and make sure to follow everything listed in the certificate at all times. Many companies are not doing that. Just because you have a ISO 9001 certificate, doesn’t mean that you are following it.

At Expand, we make sure to follow all of the criteria listed in the certificate.

Q: How is this beneficial to Expand resellers and users?
quality-2A: For Expand, quality equals customer satisfaction. This requires that the whole experience – the product, service, information and contact with our dealers and users is first class! When you order from us, you know that you’ll get a certain quality in the product. Also, if you buy from us again, you’re guaranteed that your next order will be of the same excellent quality.

Some manufacturers do not guarantee consistent sizes or layouts, which means that they can’t control it. At Expand, we can guarantee consistency for you every time. This has been greatly appreciated by our customers, who continue to come back to us. Many have been with us for decades.

Q: Can you discuss the safety policies?
A: We are continuously reviewing safety in all of our operations. We have a safety inspection twice a month. We also have reviews of all possible safety issues with our products when they are in the design phase.

Q: Any new plans for the factory? 
A: For 2017, we will focus on what possibilities we have to further improve our processes. We are continuously looking for improvement and we have monthly meetings where we review new ways to do it on both a lower level and on a higher level.

Download Expand’s ISO 9001 Certificate >>

Learn more about Expand’s Commitment to Quality >>

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Expand Tips from the Experts -Evaluating Trade Show Participation

Guest Blog: Jeff Provost – It’s All About the Experience

Expand Tips from the Experts: Evaluating Trade Show Participation


Susan Volovski, Marketing Content Producer, Expand

Hi, my name is Susan and I am part of the Marketing Department at Expand.

My last post discussed how to get people to your booth by getting it to stand out against the competition. Today, I’d like to talk about how to evaluate trade show participation from the event.

Read my current post to learn how to evaluate whether your event was a success!

Evaluating Trade Show Participation
This first post describes how to get people to your booth. But what do you do once the event is over? You worked really hard getting attendance rate to your booth and don’t want all of that work to be for nothing!

Read following tips for evaluating trade show attendance:

Before the Event
In order to be able to measure trade show participation, you’re going to need to do some planning prior to the event. There are two important things to keep in mind during the planning stage – Return on Objectives (ROO) and Return on Investment (ROI).

objectivesReturn on Objectives is a “pre-event” approach to setting goals, where organizations set initial objectives. This approach deals with pinpointing eventual targets to be achieved by the end of the event. While planning the event, set clear objectives of what you want to accomplish. For example:

  • What do you want people to do as a result of coming to your booth?
  • Who can perform the expected action so that it benefits your company? (i.e. – Who are you going to invite?)

Return on Investment is a more quantitative approach that compares the costs that you will spend on the show to the actual revenue generated. Think about how much revenue you will receive and try not to spend more than that on the cost of flights, hotel rooms, etc. If it’s a smaller show that you won’t get much revenue from, don’t send 10 people. Instead, just send one or two people who are knowledgeable enough to talk about all the products or services that you’re promoting at the event.


During the Event
Make sure that the people attending the event take accurate notes and determine whether your objectives are being met. Also, make sure they have Lead Forms and mark the leads that are high-quality. It’s not about scanning the badges of every single person who comes to the booth; It’s about keeping track of the high-quality leads (i.e. people who actually showed interest in purchasing your products or services.) And make sure that they write down accurate details. For example, if someone asked you to send them a product brochure or asked to have a sales person call them within a certain time frame, you want to make sure all of that information is written down so that someone can follow up with them after the event.

Sample lead form: lead_form4
*Click here to download

After the Event
objectives-bubbleThe first thing to measure after the event is your Return on Objectives. Go back to the objectives that you came up with during the planning stage and determine whether you reached them.  If not, ask yourself why you didn’t accomplish these objectives. What could you have done differently? Did you set realistic goals? Did you talk to enough people at the booth?

Ask yourself, “Did people get our message? Did they process it?” If not, why?

The next thing to measure is your Return on Investment. There are two things you can check to determine your Return on Investment: new revenue generated and cost savings. New revenue generated at a show includes new leads and prospects and growth of your existing revenue database.

Revenue can be a difficult thing to measure because you don’t usually get an immediate sale while at the show. However, instead of waiting until you get the sales, you can estimate the revenue that you generated by gathering the following information:

  • The number of high-quality leads you received from the show.
  • Your company’s average percentage of closed sales per 100 sales calls.

Once you have measured the revenue, you can also measure your cost savings. Is the cost of new revenue from the show more than the cost that you spent on the event?

What do you do after measuring the ROI & ROO from the event?

1. Distribute the leads:
One of the first things you want to do after a trade show is to make sure the leads from the event are followed up on. Make sure to distribute them immediately aftefollow-upr the event. The faster you distribute the leads, the more motivated your staff will be to follow up!

2. Report event performance to senior management:

Create a summary report for the event. Use dashboards for consistent matrices, analysis and event-mix strategy refinement. Compare these scores to averages for all of your events and show the results to your Trade Show Manager so he or she can look at the averages and decide if it’s worth it to attend the show again next year.

Read my first blog post about getting people to your booth >>

View more Trade Show Tips on the Expand website >>

I hope that you found this information helpful.
Click here to see additional Tips on the Expand Blog!

Questions? Click here to contact us.

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What’s in store for Experiential Marketing Spending in 2017?


With the new year upon us, your customers will be deciding how to spend their 2017 marketing budget, so its import to know what will happen with experiential marketing in 2017. Until now, there hasn’t been a way to get an accurate estimate of experiential marketing budgets. However, the Event Marketing Institute recently released The 2017 Experiential Marketing Spending Forecast, a new annual report that offers an analysis of where event and experiential marketing budgets were in 2016 and where they’ll be in 2017.

Event Marketing Institute analysts estimated an 11% average 11increase in experiential marketing budgets for 2017. (The first double-digit average experiential marketing budget since 2008!) The 11% increase estimate is based on a proprietary survey of brand marketers, interviews with heads of event marketing at Fortune 500 companies and conversations with procurement executives and top industry influencers. 1

Overall ad spending will go down in 2017. According to an article by The Wall Street Journal, ad spending will decrease significantly in 2017. Internationally, there is an estimated slowdown to 3.6% spending growth in the global ad business this year, (down from 5.7% in 2016) and ad sales in the United States are expected to face a slowdown to 1.7% growth in 2017 (compared to 6.9% growth in 2016) 2

However, the amount spent at live events is expected to increase this year. According to the report by the Event Marketing Institute, almost 60% of marketers plan to increase spending on event and experiential marketing in 2017. According to Event Magazine, event marketing continues to top marketing growth, with events remaining in the top sector posting growth, following closely by internet spending and direct marketing.3

These projections should be good news for our industry and makes 2017 look like a good year for live experiences.  Mike White, founder of Itch Experience, stated that brands are spending more in event marketing due to growing consumer demand. “People want be engaged through their passions and cultures and that means live experiences”, he said. 4

Click here to see what Expand has to offer >>


1. Event Marketer. Experiential Intelligence Report. The 2017 Experiential Marketing Spending Forecast.
2. The Wall Street Journal. Ad Spending to Slow Significantly in 2017.
3. Event Magazine. Event marketing continues to top marketing growth.
4. Event Magazine. Bellwether Q4 2016: the inexorable rise of event marketing.

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It’s All About the Experience – Jeff Provost


Jeff Provost, Executive Director, EDPA

Jeff Provost is the Executive Director at the Exhibitor Designers & Producers Association (EDPA) and the founder of PRO Management, LLC., an association management company headquartered in Westport, CT.

EDPA is a member-based not-for-profit whose purpose is to provide education, leadership and networking for
the advancement of its members and the exhibition industry.

EDPA provides regional industry education programs through its eight chapters.

Read our Guest Blog Post by Jeff Provost about how marketing is all about the experience…

It’s All About the Experience

With 2016 fresh behind us, it seems like a good time to look back and do a quick evaluation. Was it a good year for you personally? Did you move things forward, stay in-place or slip behind a bit? Did you experience both love and loss in 2016? Did you have any fun getting there?

Let’s switch over to our professional lives. What did you try out that was new and perhaps even risky this past year? What new experience did you help to build?

2017 marks my tenth year in the live experience and face-to-face marketing industry so I’m also looking back at the entire decade. Back in 2007, I was part of a small team at Red 7 Media in Norwalk, CT that launched the Event Marketing Institute (EMI). We premiered EMI at Red 7’s Event Marketing Summit that spring and my career path changed. Up to that point, I was a marketer who didn’t understand what face-to-face marketing was. I had never been to a trade show in my life. But the EMI opened up my view of live marketing far “beyond the booth”; Mobile marketing, street marketing, product launches and corporate sales meetings were all in the mix too. I learned a lot quickly.

Like most live marketers, I had (and still have) a tough time articulating exactly what it is that I do when I meet folks outside of our industry. The neighborhood BBQ, our church’s Christmas open house, assorted cocktail parties…People would try (or pretend) to understand what I was talking about, with most gravitating to the trade show part. Almost everyone my age or older had some understanding of what a trade show was anyway. I even tried using the popular term, “experience marketing” but that brought even more puzzled looks over the buffet table.

Then I caught a few episodes of “The Apprentice” on TV and noticed that many of the group projects assigned to the contestants were actually face-to-face and event marketing based. The group ‘task’ frequently involved a live branded experience and when I started citing the popular television series, more people began to understand what I was describing. Check out the new “Celebrity Apprentice” series that just started. That formula hasn’t changed much.

All roads lead us back to that memorable live experience. And not just the well-executed (in terms of successful event operations) live marketing experience, but one with strong ties to a specific brand. (How many times have you seen one of those mega expensive Super Bowl TV ads, and remembered the cute or clever plot, but totally missed who the advertiser or brand was)?

Live branded experiences that live with us both on-site and after, the type that lingers just long enough for us to want to build on it, is what we all strive to achieve together.

How many of those brand experiences did you and your team help create in 2016? How many of them will you help to build for others in 2017?

Keep it experiential!


5 Tips for Exhibitors – Make Your Next Event a Success!


What do you need to think about when planning your next trade show or event? How do you create the right conditions to be successful? What goals to you need to set?

We have developed 5 tips for setting clear goals that can help you evaluate your efforts…


1. Start Early
To get the most out of an event, it’s important to get started early. Select a Project Manager who will have the main responsibility and let that person involve others who should be part of the planning. Know the important deadlines and remember that usually an early registration for items like hotel rooms and flights can save you money.

2. What to achieve and who to reach:
Set clear goals for yourself or your customers. Do you want to build your brand? Launch a product? Educate the visitors? Would you like to reach existing customers or is the main focus to meet potential new customers? How many leads would you like to collect? Who do you want to invite? Try to make your goals measurable – it makes it easier to evaluate afterwards.

Clarify the goals for everyone who is involved in the planning and everyone who will be exhibiting at the trade show or event.


3. Choose your message carefully
You have a very short time frame to catch the visitors’ attention. Choose your main message for the target audience based on your goals above and communicate the message clearly!

Your message will compete with many other messages. Try to find a concept that will stand out. It is also important that your booth does not look too similar to the adjacent booths and that your logo or brand message is visible from a distance. Remember that your message and logotype may need to be visible from several directions.

4. Be consistent!
Make sure to be consistent in everything you do from invitation to giveaways, design of your space, clothes, snacks, bags, etc.

5. Follow-up and evaluation
Most important of all: Get back to the leads you collected during the trade show and do it right away! follow-up

Evaluate your success by comparing your results with your set goals. What worked well and what can you differently next time?

Summarize and save this information for the next event or trade show!

For help setting up a booth layout…
Plan your event display with the Expand DisplayBuilder: a FREE rending tool that allows you or your customer to layout your event display before making an investment.

More tips on getting your event display to stand out >>

Click here for Expand’s three display concepts >>

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Happy New Year from Expand

happy-new-year-wallpapersHappy New Year from Expand! We would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday.

Our East and West coast U.S. Expand offices will be closed on Monday, January 2nd in observance of the holiday. We’ll be back on Tuesday, January 3rd.

For existing orders, UPS will NOT ship on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017 (New Year’s Day) or Monday Jan. 2, 2017.    View UPS Schedule

Year in Review…
We had a great year at Expand! We continued our reputation for “being intelligent and innovative in everything we do” and added new solutions for modular display systems.

Click below for new solutions we came out with in 2016:
NEW Food Sampling Top for the Expand PodiumCase
NEW accessories for our Expand GrandFabric System
A variety of different Table Top Solutions for Trade Shows and Events

Click below for some of our blog highlights from the year:
Table Top Displays are a great way to draw a crowd in a small space. Read our Tips for getting your Table Top Display to stand out…
Draw a Crowd in a Small Space with Table Top Displays

Don’t forget the Floor! Full-color event carpets or mats are perfect for additional branding at an event…
Create Brand Awareness with Event Flooring

Helpful tips for getting people to your trade show booth… 
Expand Tips: Get Your Booth to Stand Out Against the Competition

We would like to once again thank all of our partners who helped us in 2016.

Have a great holiday – See you in 2017!


Happy Holidays from Expand!


Happy Holidays, everyone! We had a great year and would like to thank all of our customers who helped us in 2016!

As a reminder, our U.S. Expand offices will be closed on Monday, December 26th and Monday, January 2nd for the holidays.

For existing orders, UPS will be shipping and in transit this week. However, UPS will NOT ship on Christmas Day or the day after. View UPS Schedule.

We will be back on Tuesday, December 27th to continue working on your girl_snowmanorders and answer any questions you have.

Have a great holiday weekend!

We hope that you enjoyed reading our 2016 blog posts and found them helpful and informative.

Click below for some of our blog highlights from the year:
Read our Graphic Tips about Viewing Distance, Matching Pantone Colors and more…
Graphic Tips: Creating Graphics for Event Displays

The DisplayBuilder tool creates a 3-D rendering of your booth setup…
Expand DisplayBuilder: Free 3-D Rendering Tool

Helpful tips for getting people to your trade show booth…
Expand Tips: Get Your Booth to Stand Out Against the Competition

Learn how the Expand GrandFabric outshines its competition…
Features and Benefits of the Expand GrandFabric System

Full-color event carpets are perfect for additional branding at an event…
Create Brand Awareness with Event Flooring

Branding is a collection of marketing methods that help you stand out from competitors…
David’s Corner: The Importance of a Brand Name

Thank you again for a great 2016 – We are looking forward to an even greater 2017!


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